Damn Autocorrect Comp.. Do Da Urkel Dance!. Damn Autocorrect Messages r i just got in a huge tight l with a CO worker rsr. comers m V _ stupid really... I neede iPhone fail autocorrect
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Damn Autocorrect Comp.

Damn Autocorrect
r i just got in a huge tight l
with a CO worker
rsr. comers m V _
stupid really... I needed a
penis and he wouldn' t let
me narrow one
on I' m going to throw this
l "ahahahahahaa l had stupid phone in the trash.
no idea I needed a pen.
Hey don' t mess with me
or I' ll give you a black guy
err, W
so hows your sal? )
focus! I meant BACK! )
Messages in Ryan Messages or Bridget
wrath you do last night when we W going tta
t itn jealous. leant to go! l
And get my photo taken
with Mickey manboobs
lall FML
clash oi the mother
fucking titans. lam not
porn with my
Ana as lam PM
Messages at Brad
Sorry no caught up new _
with my mom. she asked
mete help her sell her
vagina on craigslist.
so itn photographing it
That is the funniest thing I
have heard ALL daal
Sick man. I meant china.
Messages our M% NM: M ,
Cali i; l
aw m
NW an min 12: 52 PM cumming watching lord of
the kingshady
r not i am licking your son]
out. f ml oops humming‘ )
was Mum turns Me on
r imean locking. this darn N
well i guess you would
need to be tipsy to kiss
under a cameltoes
Ant as me PM
MN Karl
no M, zen 3: 15 PM
wow. EPIC FAIL, I dent
know what you were
eating but I aim have
anything like than
TNT 9 5: 54 PM 95*: messages i Louise (work)
Messages in an an
Hi Jon. I' still not reeling
wall so I wont be at work
tomorrow. I will try to work
horn home.
it you we Dave, please
tell him to can me. I have
his box of Gill Scout
Oh dear God.
My phone wrote that. I
meant cookies. That is
just terrible.
Cali . . Contact we
Jan 5, 201! 10: 47 PM
Uemm what? I don' t
know how good that
would taste...
Hey Whitney this is your
mother. we need to talk
no T, 2011 lama PM Gaurded is pretty upset
Hahahaahahahaha on my about New you guys have
god. I was like been fucking - night.
Your lather is right I think
something is bothering
I typed
should just talk later
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#2 - lordsoth
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(04/17/2011) [-]
always funny
#3 - anon id: 48034fe7
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(04/17/2011) [-]
Feels good man.jpg
#1 - entermybrain
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(04/17/2011) [-]
Even they are faked, they are good.
#4 - doneglenn
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