Facebook Status Compilation part 1. Hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to thumb and feel free to subscribe, I make new content everyday.. Facebook Statuses Compilat facebook status fails are great

Facebook Status Compilation part 1

Hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to thumb and feel free to subscribe, I make new content everyday.

Facebook Statuses
Compilation pt. 1
to mm» we we
has ashamed‘; Me hum new my
2 Mun; aw we on men
eneeq. aee we
an we Comment
5 M me an amen; Mk:
Fl Jasper wen then, dun’! an malt: me e sunda( h.
V. 22 hours we Lke A " mane
Paige 2
Must heard the Inventor er the wee game cartridge, Jerry ween, ded Though
we nut conduced should Cry edenone compressed en we nee and then
Cry seen
about en hour we We (
sh 15 people We the
I' m maturing mum and mum we day
Ninth" You spelled wrong.
Amanda #
34 manics we we
Aeneas we we e. so hug!
34 (qoutes an we
kl! I we be mad Miners eeveon may damn iunno
27 minmus aw mm: A 2 pawl:
As the prophet we can we Us an any can we Mum we was not have to
use ones AK sneer he a we an
Agnew -tube we Wu.
triceps's' we
e kw seconds Mu we
its men; men the mast plane meme seem on We m
harass ls nu we
en we Commen
geese they Faun: that' s he nna place venue we
gm e s L
2 an e ween. n person
G 3 hate we
Emu Aweome we
maul e men. an e we
El News Feed Top News ' Most Ream V
Shaw as...“ g one n Pinyin anoner
What' s on your mind’
Skin -
Davina’ anan: - wean may Nutn) me by making me look
Illa e panned . (hanged Teeth" nee "match" In the now
but have new mush my snatch" epiode we new you»: we
we an -gnaw to 'lack' arnd ‘link’ no 'sausage" creme the
l In Ina e sausage _ ' n nun: n typed
an e UNI. sincerely, Shark
Itll 5 ) [" Luke Comment
ch 2 people .
new It luv. My name . huh.
e minates me. We
no no was my as.
my . Lev e Commen',
in , and teens.
and tat 10: ’ Che
have tat no V we
new in lfj: ' the
5 haul in ID we 010%:
E :aau' s / e we Camment
manned -Was a tween
2 News as T we
Tr: moe?
we was worm may meme»
2 hours an T Lie
k how many mes an a Daren: leave their youngest child home enema a
vacation without services called? The record right new we
Monk) 1
icic him
Anna Nope, my new mung -emcee. the eevees mo.
In . Wu HM e mend
my own humans
we en farrago we
Mania "?? ytw run nan be e
Damn iluvyou e interned .
Mrcoso hie
Maw My burglars awn; Mn than ween mum; the
153. 1 en Nu’ dun we
Mania " (man makes nee " an Nong; . mmnnbb
tram e wean new ulnar you men a an someone be
Ink: we In guy In when his viral} go en Natakat" we e
enemie. new. e and he we m m but in that
sammee. My hurl me; In mm. n
bbm. vnr ham an e ‘lab e we
lush - N! we In en en happens - The we we mm: e
and when hem: m he,
AM u en Ham we we
Manna ‘ He meme... and be ht name
have forage mm m rake en em responsabilities that a 3/ 9
war we shouldnt haw: m PM am when _ M
apping en. New are e was man for emme we
Mauve]! hour, men. Mk:
I lush dun' em In him we
lush n on Hm mute we krona. Parr ls m
Inns en a really rut: new charlse'
we in mm an en the new plane! we neeh. nne parents',
amen en mweh/ v we
he annexe Gad tetsu
We Commennt
em ts because my
2 seems an
es hard we e Mend whas , 95% fun. an talented. 98% lowry,
as 100% sexy so try yum ME xx
We Commennt
Ya": Justa same aboutthe an
A few seconds ago "Mka
we e
You know ts were when the everseen cut ,
2 ‘nuns we ‘ Commennt
Gundan -eaves
thouts an ‘Lie -so Aperson
I an in my Jordan Tenon's was Leafs haha
about en hour ago -we
u we (ween:
M by man.
we '-no, momemt_
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