Emails from an Asshole (Worth The Read). All credit to these are hilarious!. Original ad: i want a . at least 40 inches and under . hit me emails from an asshole hilarious troll
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Emails from an Asshole (Worth The Read)

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Emails from an Asshole (Worth The Read). All credit to these are hilarious!. Original ad: i want a . at least 40 inches and under . hit me

All credit to these are hilarious!

Original ad:
i want a . at least 40 inches and under . hit me up if you got
what i want
I am selling my 42" Westinghouse plasma TV for Moo. It is in excellent
condition. I' m just selling it because I got a bigger one and don' t need this one
anymore. Let me know if you are interested.
Frony jim to Me:
yeah man thats perfect. ill buy that as seen as possible. would you be able to
bring it to my house? i dont have a car. on home pretty much all day every day
No problem, Jim. I could bring it by tomorrow after work. Are you sure you
want to buy it though? I don' t want to bring it there and have you decide you
don' t want to buy it.
From jim to Me:
no i definitely want it. just bring it over man
just call me if you have any trouble
Okay, I' ll be over tomorrow.
I' m very sorry I was unable to make it to your house today. I had the TV loaded
in the back of my pickup truck, and I was all set to go to your house. I just
decided to make a quick stop in Chester to buy some stuff from a friend, and
when I got back to my truck, the TV was gone. I can' t figure out what the hell
happ erred to it. I' m thinking maybe I hit a bump and it slid out of the truck,
because I do forget to close my tailgate sometimes. I don' t really remember if it
was in the truck when I parked it, so I am baffled.
Anyway, this is totally my fault. Seeing as how I promised you a TV and lost it,
I am going to help you out. I signed you up for a 2 year subscription to Plasma
Enthusiasts Weekly. It is an excellent magazine that will give you a lot of
information on plasma TVs to help you make the right decision when buying
one. It is normally . 99 a year, but I hooked you up with my referrer discount
so it will only cost you . 50 a year. I had it sent and billed to the address you
gave me, and you should get your first one in a week or two.
Once again, I am very sorry that I lost the TV that I was going to sell you, but
hopefully this magazine can help you out.
From jim to Me:
are you out of your mom mind i dont want any fuckin magazines! l l what the
fuck.. you better fuckin cancel that shit. what the fuck were you thinking dude,
on not paying for that you fuckin dumbass
From jim to Me:
and its obvious TOUR TV WAS STOLEN ) U FUCKIN RETARD. why the
FUCK would you leave a in the back of your truck in chester?
cancel the mom magazines. .NGW.
Why do you want me to cancel the magazines? It is a great magazine and I got
you a great deal for it. You won' t find it cheaper anywhere else. Also, to put it
frankly, if you were going to buy a Westinghouse plasma TV from me without
even looking at it, then it is clear you still have a lot to learn ab out plasma TVs.
Reading this magazine will make you an expert in no time.
From jim to Me:
you fuckin asshole i dont want to pay for some stupid magazine! ijust want a
goddamn . who the fuck would want to read a mom weekly magazine ab out
we?! cancel it right now. on serious
I' m sorry you feel that way ab out the magazine. I was just trying to help.
Unfortunately I cannot cancel the magazine. When I signed you up on the phone,
they gave me a confirmation number I could use to cancel the subscription. I
couldn' t find a piece of paper to write it on, so I wrote the number on a napkin. I
think I ac essentally us ed the napkin to wipe my face after eating wings last night,
and then threw it out. I' d look through the trash to find it for you, but the
garbage truck already picked it up this morning. I think they take it to the
dump/ recycling center in Media if you want to go look for it. It was a napkin
from Taco Bell, if that helps. I usually get all my napkins there.
If you think it would be easier, you could just cancel it once you get your first
magazine in the mal Youll probably be billed for the first month, plus a
cancellation fee because I didn' t sign you up for cancellation insurance. I just
assumed you would want to keep the magazine.
From jim to Me:
i cant believe i just read all that shit because i should have known from the first
few lines that you were a mom idiot
i dont care if you have to blow the mom editor, you better find a way to get it
cancelled because i am not ending a goddamn nickel on that magazine!
If you don' t pay for it, that may screw up your credit. I remember one time I
forgot to pay my TV guide subscription for about M months, and that really
messed up my credit. I had trouble buying a house because of that. You should
be careful.
Since you seem to not know a lot ab out the importance of your credit, I signed
you up for a year subscription of In Debt Weekly, a great magazine that can
teach you a lot about credit. Don' t worry, I got you the same discount as before,
and this magazine is actually a little bit cheaper. It is only . 99 a year. It came
with a discounted subscription to Card Times, another magazine about credit
cards. That one is only per year, so I signed you up for that as well. It is a
dec ent magazine for the price.
From jim to Me:
There is no need for that kind of language. Please do not talk to me anymore.
Unless you would be interested in a subscription to Anger Management Journal.
I can sign you up for that if you want to learn how to control your temp er.
From jim to Me:
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