This is why we're in a recession (Part2). Glad you guys like part 1. For those that didn't see it -
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This is why we're in a recession (Part2)

Glad you guys like part 1. For those that didn't see it -
I'm sorry to all the people that realised i didn't give credit to the true creator of this post... is the real genius

Since you funny
guys liked part one,
heres part two.
This Is Why We' re In A Recession, Part 6
Customer: "Wait, that' s only supposed to be twenty dollars
Me: "Yes sir, that' s after the mailman rebate. You have to send
in the paperwork and proof of purchase."
Customer: "Well why don' t you give me the discount now and
send in the rebate yourself?"
Me: “No, that' s not how this works. You are responsible for
sending in the rebate yourself."
Customer: “You mean you' re making me responsible for my
own money?"
This Is Why We' re In A Recession, Part 7
Caller: "Hi, I saw a car online and wanted some info on it."
He: "Sure, let me tell you all about it. Do you have a pert?"
Caller: "Yeah, 4351."
Caller: "My PIN."
Me: “To your bank account?!"
This Is Why We' re In A Recession, Part E
A customer is paying her credit card bill. J
He: “Would you like to pay with cash, check, or debit card?"
Customer: “I can pay with a debit card?"
Me: “You sure can."
fr. he customer slides her card. J
Customer: “I don' t remember my pin. I' ll just try one."
fr. he customer' s card is declined. J
Me: “Do you want to try again?"
Customer: “No, my mom will use her card."
fr. he customer' s mother tries, but she doesnt remember her
PIN either. J
Me: “You can pay with cash or a check."
fr. he customer pubis a folded check from her pocket and
hands it to me. I open it to see that it' s blank. J
Customer: "Oh, am I supposed to fill that out?"
This Is Why We' re In A Recession, Part s
In: setting a customer up for a payment so
her checking account pays her credit card automatically on
the due date. its going dyer all the details. J
Me: “If there aren' t sufficient funds in the bank account at
the time of payment, an NSF fee will be charged."
Customer: "What?! You mean I have to have money in my
bank account?"
This Is Why We' re In A Recession, Part IO
if I am taking a delivery order. J
Me: "And how will you be paying tonight? Cash or credit?"
Caller: "Credit."
Me: "What type of card is it?"
fr. he miller states the name of her bank. J
Me: “No, ma' am. I meant is it a Visa, MasterCard?"
Caller: "Oh, Visa."
He: "The number?"
Caller: "What number do you want?"
He: "The big one on the front.”
Caller: "Oh, really. All of it?"
She provides tweede numbers. J
Me: “I need four more numbers."
Caller: "Oh, sorry. I didn' t see them there. 1234."
He: "Okay. And the expiration date?"
Caller: "Where do you find that?"
He: "The bottom right corner."
A few seconds of silence pass. J
Caller, talking to someone else: "Find the expiration date
for me."
She finally finds it and gives it to me. I arrive with her order,
and hand her the credit card receipt. She turns to her friend,
and hands it to her. J
Caller, to her friend: "Sign this for me. I don' t know how."
This Is Why We' re In A Recession, Part 11
Me: "That will be [total]?
Customer: "Okay."
fr. he customer puts in their debit card. J
He: “Would you like cavysback?"
Customer: "Yes. I would like EIO, please."
He: "Okay. Enter your pin, please."
fr. he customer enters his pin. We wait for it to be verified. J
Customer: “I have a question. What is cavysback?"
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