This is why we're in a recession. Thank you guys for the thumbs... Funnyjunk, you are awesome. Part 2 -
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This is why we're in a recession

This is why we're in a recession. Thank you guys for the thumbs... Funnyjunk, you are awesome. Part 2 -

Thank you guys for the thumbs... Funnyjunk, you are awesome.
Part 2 -

This Is Why We' re In A Recession
fr. he customer hands me card, I run it and hand it back to
her. J
Customer: "Oh, no! That' s my debit card! I don' t have any
money in my account. It' s going to be declined."
He: "Well, your purchase went through."
Customer: "Oh, well, if it went through, that means I have
enough money in my account."
He: "Well, not necessarily. My brother got himself into a lot of
debt by using his cards after he' d reached his limit."
Customer: “You mean I could still use this card even if there' s
no money in the account?"
Me: "res possible, but Cm not familiar with your bank system."
Customer: “To friend' “Do you want to go to the nail salon?"
This Is Why We' re In A Recession, Part 2
Me: “Your total is . 31"
f Customer begins to write out a deposit slip from the back of
her chequebook. J
He: “That' s a deposit slip, not a cheque."
Customer: "Oh, so I can' t pay you with this?" ''confused
Customer: "Oh, well take it out of this then." "Wands me a
roll of cash"' "But don' t take more that out of there."
He: *takes out "‘ "And how would you like to pay for
the rest of this?"
Customer: ""Lemm..." ''confused hack'' “I have to pay more?"
This Is Why We' re In A Recession, Part 3
Me: "Hello, what can I get for you?"
Customer: "Yeah, can I get a piece of candy?"
He: "Sure, that' s one dollar."
Customer: “Ch. I only have a five." 'starts walking away"'
He: "Excuse me, Ma' arrt? I said it' s only a dollar."
Customer: “I know. Why would I waste four dollars?"
This Is Why We' re In A Recession, Part 4
Three women in their eario twenties come in. I ring up the
first two, but the third woman' s credit card is denied. J
Me: “I' m sorry, but your card had been denied."
Customer: “No, that cant be! There' s no way! Try it again!"
I swipe the card again, and it once more is denied. J
Me: "rt still came up as declined. Do you have another card I
could try?"
Customer: “No! This is stupid!"
One of her friends lend her cash to pay for her meal. As they
fill their drinks at the pop machine I overhear her taking. J
Customer: "That is so weird! My card was denied last week.
Shouldn' t it be unatended by now?"
This Is why We' re In A Recession, Part E
He: ‘Hi! How can I haelp you today?”
I deposited a cheque in your ATM and wanted
cash back, but it wont let me. I need that money!”
He: ‘Alright, let megust pull up your file."
fr find her in the system andshe the held as she/
Lauren: iue on her credit card pir. yr. preterits by severe! mareth. s.,
which caused her acacia. r. ; on mg-)
He: "four deposit was completed and is in your
account, but unfortunately I cannot giveyou any cash as
your accounts are Frozen.”
uas''' Nal. They can’ tdo that! That’ s my
He: ‘well yes, they can, bbecause you has-' en’ t made a
single credit: card payment in months.”
Customer: ‘So?’
He: ‘Ed, you need to pay it back."
He: "Miss, its a credit product. meaning you’ re borrowing
money from us. We don’ tgive money away. After you
borrow the : ' re E-: pected to pay it ,. All
ifs E-: planned in your Card Agreement.”
He: ‘The agreement you wt: uol. d' hre, received in the mail
along with your card.”
CI. : ‘That sheet fall t: ' that no one
He: ‘Just because you didn’ t read it doesn’ t mean you’ re
Attempt. By using the card, that means you agree to the
terms associated with the card."
Cue" : ‘But I need my money! They cant do that:. its
my money! I got nobodi, I have no money!‘
He: "' t: worry, Til and speak with
you. We' ll Figure out a solution together based on your
current situation. okay?"
I call Hera and ; with the rep,, than they as}: to streak
to the cus owner. I hand the phone over, and
she saris . igtg. ,
Ehh/ ME MN ' ,' Yau cantada this! Na
fshy slams % serr the phone, sis off while shooting ‘They
won' t give Inne my hump!‘ to Him people on the way out)
If this gets a good
response ill post
more... Lets say 20
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#24 - HusbandHomeEarly (04/08/2011) [-]
They're all women
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i can bet you 50 bucks they are all females.........
#46 to #36 - bananamuffinhammoc (04/08/2011) [-]
But this is all I have, I'm not wasting $50...
#162 - TheEpik (04/08/2011) [-]
"Three dollars."

"I only have $7."


"Patrick Star, you are one smart shopper!"
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#89 - xxTheJesterxx (04/08/2011) [+] (1 reply)
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They didn't give me my money from my account

And the world just ******* WATCHED
User avatar #154 - swagfag (04/08/2011) [+] (2 replies)
**swagfag rolls 33**
Why does the quality suddenly go from HD to calculator?
User avatar #5 - thedoughboy (04/08/2011) [-]
Did anybody else notice all the customers were women?
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#209 - misteranderson (04/08/2011) [+] (4 replies)
The last one.
Oh my god.
I call ******** , no one can be that stupid.
#149 - hisakata (04/08/2011) [+] (1 reply)
What are women doing out of the kitchen in the first place?
#187 - yournewdad (04/08/2011) [-]
They are all females...
User avatar #220 - Lintutu (04/08/2011) [-]
I dont want to live on this planet anymore
#123 - freakaleak (04/08/2011) [+] (1 reply)
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#100 - echoelitetwosix (04/08/2011) [-]
UGH! Stupid, STUPID, Bitches!
UGH! Stupid, STUPID, Bitches!
User avatar #188 - timhillyer (04/08/2011) [-]
I like the high quality of that last one xD
#82 - CommunityApproval (04/08/2011) [+] (3 replies)
What the **** is wrong with these people?!?!?
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