Saddest Thing I Have Ever Read. I'm not one for these baawwww stories, but i actually shed a tear. Not OC, but a great picture nonetheless.. pals w... ugly shy
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Saddest Thing I Have Ever Read

I'm not one for these baawwww stories, but i actually shed a tear. Not OC, but a great picture nonetheless.

Tags: so | much | Love
pals w... ugly shy
as anally may as stroy?
you 9. 1 w sink and mend
mun cubic at tho he
named you an =
wmm bar. bran
41. 109111:
to anyway (In by 11....
you how to an
what kind of so,
scant know
how to Law
an yo. matr?
or Nat smid?
firat on an
you found a an as
as you started why; was on it?
shy was you so 11. 10
I scald»! oat
in a wax
as I Tour yur'
not to as trom 11.. as
not mt lacuna:
it us bad up r"
have hams " bad
mpa yen .ours.. 1 SWIM
shy woodnt you 1. 1.. to ?
u. acutest duks you with no
i Mm to o' sit a flu times
I mean
and an
its not 1'
as ita not 111.
haw you mu. day
haw y... 9 and stay on allday
as only w... barns
I . at night
as 1 was
that "wrds wst . my sister LOL
as my has me 2; fair
how you itally
haw to Mai
cs" as 1 was
as they dotd .1.
how you 9. 1
really as
as sow
as hazy
as 1 was
that mus. ya 11.. my m'
as My told .1.
haw you wind quay kmt w...
I "member
takin, you
on our rm walk
rift in 11.. read
as Pet an i
if that
to on 1.. to rhe you
it wreked
ll you and on
at 11.. bus ate
and we
wold aways tako
I tho - ranch
w. van” alwell u
be lain for
and i
itched to you
about at 11.. pawn.
ooit puny an
lib Mu
run Jay
at my : wheel
Brat 1 wet my Fonts
Mindy 'ound out
yum was only an
1 m. has
pm lewd u.
as all my .mpa brain, drkim' mss
to amok
or - s. drugs
1. oww wax and not for hams
away tarns in If
an an vigil “
on up w... 111. 11 Mann
as no i gnu q
1. Mary word
how an an boy
as 1.. young
1.. Mr” ths herb
but 11. 1 slow, party kid
puns an and rugby
11.. fapgif guy " the Nant
firat ousters yum but Mal
haw Mat racially awkward
and on 'Mid boy
by 1. 1., THAT guy
guy a 91. 1 with
AFTER As want 11. am. to an snd
my as you Lava to Ieave, an M g
1. . us no mud, to trr you
s "ative Waugh!
into 'art'
my Inst low
our hark
no... to visit y... s be alladin an T you mm
your haert remained 1.... yur' MW - In
my do i aways
s. wrung
a tau
and my did i only start
mining you deg
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Submitted: 04/05/2011
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#6 - dylweed **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#3 - anonymous (04/05/2011) [-]
<----------(pic related) wow this is depressing i miss my dog
User avatar #2 - hardstyle (04/05/2011) [-]
Reminds me of my dog
#11 - markthepoet (04/06/2011) [-]
1st place is still seymour
#4 - djanxietychi (04/05/2011) [-]
same **** happen to me and i still shed a tear to this day
#9 - anonymous (04/05/2011) [-]
I love my dog! this just reminded me how lucky i am...and you just saved his ass for chewing up my couch!!!
#8 - anonymous (04/05/2011) [-]
not funny.

Im now crying little @ work becouse my dog is little sick now

#7 - psycoticDinosoarr **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#5 - dylweed **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
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