lord of the rings facebook. . Aragorn "That' s what I has about these Elven girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age" Yesterday at 2: a 'Comment 'Unlike  lord of the rings facebook Aragorn "That' s what I has about these Elven girls man get older they stay same age" Yesterday at 2: a 'Comment 'Unlike
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lord of the rings facebook

Aragorn "That' s what I has about these Elven girls, man. I get older,
they stay the same age"
Yesterday at 2: a 'Comment 'Unlike
Gimie Dazed and Cordoned FTW
Yesterday at 2: . Delete
Legals: I didn' t know they let children see that movie
Yesterday at 2: . Delete
Gimie Hey Legolas, sweet facial hair... oh wait...
Yesterday at q . Delete
Legolas ...
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Eimai 2 days until I head to Mines of Mona! Smoked ham and mashed
potatoes, here I come!
2 days ago [moment Like
if-‘ Ii Henri Dude. that place is so dead
2 days ago Delete
Haha, I know, but it will nate seeing Orient's
and faimily
2 days ago Dela:
aims ...I thought you were Speaking
6 hours ago Debi:
Marni Nah, I meant like everyponie is dead.
5 hours ago Delete
males ? Jic. Mad Kass
BEE an hour ago Dela:
v/ ite a comment,,,
1, Saw Precious tonight
ll Yesterday at 2: a - Comment , Unlike
Swami Wes liked it, Didn' t we?
Yesterday at , . Delete
yes, yes! We dids! ' s did find the title
deceiving] But the acting: Great
Yesterday at 2: . Delete
E There was bad people in it... It makes Emmy sad.
Like the lime Hobbits! Always deceiving and lying! Being WE?!
Yesterday at q . Delete
it Godam Yes, yes. Tricksy lime hobbitses!
57 minutes ago . Delete
Sam this is exactly the staffa was dicing about Frodo
3 minutes ago . Delete
Front! -o My bad
3 minutes ago . Delete
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an rpm created the event
bras and humanoid has
Wed at 3: 45 pm Comment Like
Samson Got a dwarven shipper lined up, should be hilarious
Wed at 4: 15 pm Dtlite
Belg Dang, I gonna spadan like BUD one that day. have hm tho
About an hour ago Delete
1 Lord Emma This shits gonna as get %
About an hair ago Delete
25 minutes ago Delete
Lord Catwomen an i'
22 minutess ago Delete
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Gandalf white is the new grey "
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no 1, 434, 141 people like this
Harry DUDE, nice! so an you know, may has me
out with that oral: -ism I was haying
TIES at 1: 15 pm Delete
Gandalf Do not who me fbr mm Hiya of cheap tricks!
Tues at 2113 pm Delete
Gannon Just win your ', check it now
Tues at 3: 15 pm Delete
Marry WEE, it' s like as trick's my arm! tytytyty
Tues at 11: 21 pm Delete
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Aragorn F'' , stepped on my PM sword getitng outta bed and it
into bits, a, thinkin about it_.. ioi
Flor at 3: 45 are Continent Like
Elm Carvery best treatement spent Four grueling days
and nights working on that sword. It is literally
and sakes, it slew sauna
Mart at 4: 15 pm Delete
Argon Dude, dont get me wrong, I' m pissed one this am
I gob; to theatre the channel when I' m siding on the
new A Stick or something? Foraging for sticks Fri.
Mon at 4: 15 pm Delete
Thu at am Delete
Writers comment,,,
yivu won' t see the on (( lloll
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Old repost but still funny, thumbs4u :D
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