April Fools! read desc. Always remember to log out of Facebook when visiting friends. Especially on the day before April fools day.. Recent events have caused m april fool

April Fools! read desc

Always remember to log out of Facebook when visiting friends. Especially on the day before April fools day.

Recent events have caused me to do a lot of thinking and reevaluate my life. This is really hard for me to do,
so please keep an open mind about what Iwould like to tell you. After much deliberation and soul searching I
have come to the conclusion that I am, in fact, gay. This may come as a shock to some of you but it has
been weighing on me for some time now. Ihope that you can accept me for who Ian.
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inan . aw, Garrett, I admire your bravery! Coming out publicly is
so difficult, I' m so proud of you. Just remember to always embrace who
you are, and never let anyone get you down - you' re such a strong
person and you have my support always; if you ever need to talk I' m
always here! "
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Garrett, you are the most loving kind soul I have ever
met, I an not imagine anyone having a problem with you making the
decision to do what makes you happy. I love you Gare bear, come hang
with me and andy soon it
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Ibit -aw‘ Good luck bro i hope all works out well!
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A I He is not gay y' all. No johnson had or ever will be gay
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Iau " - --11- Dude, it is awesome that you an come out and
be honest with yourself and everyone who ares about you. Keep living
a good life, and keep being a good person.
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1% we Love you brother. Wish you could have talked to me
about this, I admire your bravery and support your decision. "i" '
always been the most important person in my life. Glad you' re doing
what makes you happy. You deserve it,
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