Troy McClure. count them, im too lazy. Hi, I' m Troy McClure! You might remember me from..... Hitler Doorn' 1 we Hewe An. " "let' s Save Tony Orlando'', House"  simpsons troy mcclure
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Troy McClure

count them, im too lazy

Hi, I' m Troy McClure! You might remember me from.....
Hitler Doorn' 1 we Hewe An. " "let' s Save Tony Orlando'', House" "E. -we we "
An Americian " " Gout m" '' bayt Supper"
Irs Bell" "Trains. siteid F“ uglie Telethon" "haser. : Cry rafter. 'ter. Matann"
Hume Beefeater" " Apt'' "Jagged betterthan"
h" "Christmas he Gees To Summer Camp" "taak ff% t' s mm "
Emu: ll‘: Seniorgif" "Slep thp Apes: Iwant To we !" "Three haen mm A Mean"
In "' "Muttonchops'' "Tree Was Tun hinny"
tinier., end " "THERE" "The Cane; -u we Ware Puke atheiss"
Duluth, IN Graw On You" "Troy and L' iparty" s Summertime Smile Fa. -tie: " "The Fm itta' Emmy (Ar Deer Ticks"
Feed/ min L' to " "Handel With Kate" "A ' sh Tarn fajita, Juanita" twith (oherro high!)
We Elli Women" "Finn Eds' WEIR" 'Wantin Fondue - the t) elts Che He Fallacy Equ
I Left My Soul In Sacramento"' "After diamo" "Ali at ' s Monkeys"
Tenpin ' Newark" "Tmy " L' icky he Teen ‘Soul hotline" ",' ril Party"
Hm new Fbgp" ". The knicked Series" 'Tack ta the Sequel"
HELLO. he S' WMA' oat may me ads as and "The Cougar aml the lung"
Nina kt, Pin‘ Stro% eking . Caio%. ' .. 'tut it Out __ The Wacky Aventures Jack the Ripper"
Cry " "Here Fame: the Coast L% " "Drains Mr, T"
re: Leger With a .'i' '' ""charr Dames Ami a Dam" ( with Nancy )
The Wackiest L' Evered When in the West" "Latins. r, MI "
CHEM All Quadras" "The Paul Bunyan C,' rard"
The Emma " ", Mare til"
today We kill, We Die" "The lolerizer"
Elm ll for " "Radioactive him Ir, Brine Seq uet"
The Elude of Hercules" "h' in "
The Preside itt' s Neck is Missuse" ". Tea, or Fiddle Der Dee"
The IT" "Ernie Muerta Miner Die"
the Man Mith The Arms" ''& '" tas Todd,
Slim. Unble Douchie, ami we GE M Frisco ' "Swing, twime., Swung"
Muppets Go Medieval' "'l' hree Men and ll Bunsen the deemed )
The We meet Story E'er " 'Ashe Llp. Finnegan" in Dadsythe
They Came to Carte, titt Hall" "Miss "
Mkettle Blow'' " ofthe Stags"
Give Noremains In Broadway" "Aleart Jam"
The 1' eediot Was Mail Fraud" "Fire Weeks ortho Chevy Chase Shina"
Leger in the Bathiin " "The h' Episode "
Mme. Out Kingxd " "The .%masons "
The Gaulle" "Troy hie L' lare "g Huh: from unit’: Hearse of b' ''
The E' an' I: enculer. e e[ Hernia Hufsa, "
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