Accidentally the whole thing. Epic troll is epic.. vip.) art? tia Ftrw. .'. rter taser' i "est a veenma heme, is is bad? what? a heme what happened with the hem
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Accidentally the whole thing

vip.) art? tia Ftrw. .'. rter taser'
i "est a veenma heme, is
is bad?
a heme
what happened with the heme? i cant
understand with the way we' re
phrasing weir
eh i was Just messing armad. and i
the schedule heme
ithis yee* re missing a ward, heehehe i
still cant figure net what yee did. did
we drink all the sedan‘ is the heme
is the heme steel: somehwhere?
held en ene see i need tn the heme
be f what/ the heme?
rm why. i' m melee that it' s a language
barrier er sumething that' s making me
net be we an underwent! reel lessees
wees mid me is that someething
happened ' the wiepie heme‘. but
we havent use me what that is enemy
w unless we dind SOME ether way tgf
telling me. i sent has we, serry
eh serry its inst hard that i' jurt trying to
type with we and We haying a hard
time when the where heme acidentally
is yeer hand stud: in the heme?
er is stuck in the heme?
well yeah we know when we and than
the whale heme gem shad:
when yee when
the were isn' t showing up en we that
ah really? isn' t shearing?‘ we can' t see t
em i can' t. it' s -new frustrating
wierd, well we mew have we ever
with it theme? this is the thine-
maybe we need see a i cant
see the word, hut We beginning w
net sure a meter can help me. i mean it
was accidentally the inhale heme
We semi that i still can' t figure out what
happened enemy. maple tn the
emergency mean fer all sew er things.
we , ask sameone else, because i
dent thnk I we help we
well magma i can explain it hatter when i
wit we about where i We
we see, i was screwing amend in the
slammed. with the was in it, and
then a peeple er guys same amend with
these hem's
uh huh
they were ready up w no gem, than we
were and suddenly i : the
yew sentences are missing werds.
either we' re net typing them. er the
that than is taking them out
far profanity reasons
and my mum get seared and said
we' re the white heme
with yew auntie and mete in laflair"
the ether user has left the dismissing l
lne. . Hrdr
i wished far a weenie tru& and when
i came near the heme said FRESH and
had ICE in the was
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