real life Xmen part 2. part 3 is up /funny_pictures/1899912/real+life+Xmen+part+3/. First on the list is magneto. no really this is him. this is liea thow lin.  Real Life xmen Part
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real life Xmen part 2

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First on the list is magneto. no really this is
him. this is liea thow lin. a 70 year old man who
can attract metal to his body. he once pulled a
car with a chain that was attached to a metal
plate on his abdomen. crazy huh?
Now i know your
thinking there' s not
much special about
a hairy guy. but we
c' mon, he looks like
beast from .
this is a mutation in
a gene which causes
hair growth on 99%
of the body, how
This is Daniel Tammet. He is a freak. When he
was young he had epilepsy. He for some
reason, experiances numbers for colours or
sensations. each number up to 10000 has its
own unique colour or feel for him. Due to this,
he is a legend at mathematical equations,
sequence memory and he has a natural learnin
ability where he can memorise things much
easier including other languages
This is rubberboy, a. k. a
daniel browning smith.
he is the most flexible
person alive due to
several medical
conditions. he has broken
many guinnes world
records and been on
ripleys believe it or not
several times.
This is the lion
whisperer. This is
Kevin Richardson.
He is like a beefed
up cesar whatever
his name is. you
know the dog guy?
well this guy can
do just that he
literraly talks to
animals such as
lions, leopards and
even hyenas. he
says he uses his
instinct to win the
hearts ofthe cats
Bond,( no he' s not a shark) His teeth have a crazy
amount of strength, he' s seen here pulling a
train, yes you heard right, a train with his bare
teeth, that' s like a crazy amount of weight, to be
precise it' s 297. 1 tonnes he pulled it 2. 8 meters.
This here is Dynamo Jack he heals people with a
type of energy he has learned to control. But
that' s not all. No, this guy is a fucking badass.
This power is so strong apparently, that he can
move objects with it. So he can heal and he has
telekinesis. wow, but that' s not all. no he can also
create fire with this energy, so he' s also got
pyrokinesis, what a crazy guy. he says he can do
this by using a very old and ancient meditation
was mans? (It' s ' Hill! in Elm! nuns)
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#8 - TheCrispyNinja
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(03/30/2011) [-]
Where do i even start...
User avatar #11 to #8 - poisonedkiss
Reply +161 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]
You start with the I's being capital.
User avatar #18 to #11 - TheCrispyNinja
Reply +31 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]
Touche sir... Touche.
#212 to #18 - MutantSheep
Reply +16 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #649 to #18 - poisonedkiss
Reply -2 123456789123345869
(04/02/2011) [-]
Sir? Lolno. I'm a girl.
#531 to #11 - SomethingCorporate **User deleted account**
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has deleted their comment [-]
#278 to #11 - anon id: b62296b8
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]
You start by removing that apostraphe...
User avatar #447 to #278 - dbrak
Reply +8 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]
You start with realizing that the apostrophe is supposed to be there. You also spelled "apostrophe" wrong.
User avatar #650 to #278 - poisonedkiss
Reply -1 123456789123345869
(04/02/2011) [-]
I'm pretty sure the *apostrophe is supposed to be there. If you wanna correct a Grammar Nazi, try making sure that you're actually right. Then spell properly.
#96 - vindix
Reply +53 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]
Can rubber guy give himself a blowjob? O.o
User avatar #108 to #96 - Zen
Reply +4 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]
#242 - CrushOrange
Reply +47 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]
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#254 to #242 - anon id: 1b961281
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]
Damn, those Lions want a three-some.

(Perv joke)
#411 to #242 - conglock
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(03/30/2011) [-]
User avatar #478 to #242 - NOM NOM NOM
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]
Damn, he knows how to tame pussy.
#243 to #242 - omgchloe
Reply +31 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]
I want to be that man so badly
User avatar #244 to #243 - CrushOrange
Reply +4 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]
He loves him some lions
#263 - starsentinel
Reply +43 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]
<--anyone else catch this?

It's natural.

#247 - Fsturmoil
Reply +36 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]
Those are the heroes that Gotham needs.
#203 - Giovone
Reply +29 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]
Just 2.8 meters?
User avatar #495 - I Am Monkey
Reply +27 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]
I hate to break it to you but "magneto" turned out to just be a smelly old guy. Metal was sticking to him because he hadn't showered in months. they asked him to shower and it stopped working.
User avatar #258 - ASDFisawesome
Reply +25 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]
the last one is definitely legit.
#492 - ZombehManifest
Reply +24 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]
#171 - PinheadPatrick
Reply +23 123456789123345869
(03/30/2011) [-]