Everyone Hates Harry. what would happen if hogwarts had facebook. if this group reaches . aoo people Harry Potter will be expelled from " Sent you a message Oli Harry Potter facebook harry has no Friends
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Everyone Hates Harry

what would happen if hogwarts had facebook

if this group reaches . aoo people Harry Potter will be expelled
from " Sent you a message
Oliver Wood December I at I
It' s official. i hate harry potter, Meant to get him expelled. every year,
something completely f** ked up happens here. first, it was a huge
troll, then it was a giant snake that froze ppl. after that, it was two big
vicious dogs one of which was an actual werewolf. and have we
forgotten about the demo nsogsi' i'? OF THIS WOULDVE HAPPEN ED
Ran Weasley December I at f:
yeah. he' s an guy, but I' m just trying to graduate without getting
Cho Chang December I all I
its the worst. every time his scar hurts, i rock myself In my room
Susan Bones December I at
guaranteed this crap doesnt happen at
Harry Potter December I at I
you guys are all so gay. your st jealous because you guys aren' t in
what has ravenclaw EVER done? and wtf is a ?
sorting Hit December T at I
To be fair. I strongly suggested you be a member of Slytherine and you
were like "no, new Don' t put me there?" so t put you in the big E... just
saying. Whatever. Pretend Fm not here.
Oliver ‘Hood December I at I
this is a private thread, how are either of you even commenting on this
Harry Potter December I at I
I' m pretty sure I' m at inciting wizard. i can do WHATEVER i want when I
want to do it, peace bitches sickest wizard ever OUT
Hannah December I at I
hey we do cool stuff in
Lee Jordan December I at r seam
she' s right. they should he treated the same " everyone else
Harry Potter December I at I Elem
ugh you would say that
use Jordan Demeanour I at I Ham
wait. what is that supposed to mean?
Harry Potter December I at 3:
you people are always like. "rise up" this and "we shall overcome” that.
its annoying
Lee Jordan December I at I
you people? are you kidding me man?? i always knew it. I Just didnt
want to believe t you know what man? you can commentate your own
retarded : h games. you and i are done.
Neville ' December I at it:
wow. harm' s kind of a dick
Vincent December I at I:
HAW hairy dick...
Draco Macory December I at I
i' m with you guys! potter suckall lets get him ooh here whos with mel
LEE Jordan December I at
actually dude, no one is really cool with you either. like no one
Susan Bones December I at
T. yeah pretty much everyone knew you were going to be evil like right
when they first met you
Hannah Arbat December I at ppm
honestly i dont know how slytherin is even still a thing
Harry Potter December r at I some
oh no you guys! my scar is blown up! which one of you assholes is
gonna die tonight?
Cha Chang December I at P' ' pm
damn it! the staircase to my room wont stop moving-, mil
Neville December I at I
I swear if i get killed tonight I' m gonna haunt the **** out of you
NH. December I at
I wouldn' t go around saying that
LR. Rowling December r at 7"
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Submitted: 03/28/2011
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