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#381 - mcoop (03/28/2011) [-]
dark matter. boom. smd.
User avatar #453 to #381 - lovindadonks (03/28/2011) [-]
Dark Matter can be measured, but not by how much darkness it has. It is measured by gravitation pull and the effects it has on other objects around it. Again, it is a term we use because we can't see it; it has no light (in fact the light that it may have can't escape it's gravitation pull).
#527 to #453 - anonymous (03/28/2011) [-]
WOW! it's funny how once again science has proven religion to be complete ******** . Weiiiiiird. I wonder when science will stop lying and making religion look bad.
#463 to #453 - mcoop (03/28/2011) [-]
ok, but that's not as funny : ^)
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