Peek-A-Boo!. .. Lol but did anyone think of Bruce from Finding Nemo? x3 mindfuck Shark owned
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User avatar #8 - HarleyQuinn (06/08/2009) [+] (3 replies)
Lol but did anyone think of Bruce from Finding Nemo? x3
#21 - anonymous (07/03/2009) [-]
i shat like 13 bricks
User avatar #20 - Emberlin (06/28/2009) [-]
It's 'shopped really well, but I think it's from, a site dedicated to Photoshop contests
#19 - anonymous (06/27/2009) [-]
i just poured ramen in my nose wen i cliked on this and i was like omfg!!!! it burns!
#18 - anonymous (06/27/2009) [-]
im still wondering how this got to the internet
#17 - anonymous (06/26/2009) [-]
#15 - anonymous (06/24/2009) [-]
Shark: duna duna duna duna duna nuna *picks up the pace* duna duna duna duna duna Camera guy take the picture Shark: OH HI GUYS The man in the left looks just leaves with camera man the guy on right has pooped and peeded at the same time
#13 - anonymous (06/19/2009) [-]
I wood soooooooooooooo hate to be them rite now
#12 - anonymous (06/18/2009) [-]
well if you crap your self in a wetsuit the crap cant go out and it leefs a big spot after you whas it
#11 - anonymous (06/10/2009) [-]
It is for real, the reason the man in the photo is going ok was because he noticed his son shaking and looking scared.
#4 - anonymous (06/05/2009) [+] (1 reply)
How the hell could you NOT see a huge ass Great White Shark less than 5 feet behind you?!? And how did the person taking the picture not see it either?!?!
#3 - anonymous (06/05/2009) [-]
my mum got this it was about this family on a holiday and the son took the photo, they didnt see it until the photo came out and they were just like OH **** !!!!
#2 - anonymous (06/05/2009) [+] (1 reply)
is it bad to **** yourself in a wetsuit?
#1 - anonymous (06/05/2009) [-]
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