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User avatar #422 - lagmaster (02/07/2010) [-]
wow 3200 thumbs really this is isn't even funny just another thumbs up whore
#430 to #422 - anon (02/08/2010) [-]
no this is funny because it got so many thumbs. your ******* retarded.
User avatar #425 to #422 - brainpollution (02/08/2010) [-]
wow, your just all over my content, huh? You're really good at that. But I guess that two can play at this game.
User avatar #426 to #425 - saruman (02/08/2010) [-]
wow, that sounded very ominous, I believe it should be accompanied by a dun dun duuun.
User avatar #427 to #426 - brainpollution (02/08/2010) [-]
dun dun duuun!!!!! thank you kind sir for reminding me.
User avatar #428 to #427 - saruman (02/08/2010) [-]
think nothing of it. I am an evil wizard after all, eerie music is my job
User avatar #437 to #428 - swbite (02/09/2010) [-]
Indeed, in the movies, you are useless.
User avatar #480 to #437 - saruman (02/27/2010) [-]
what the **** ?I give you dramatic fanfare and this is how you repay me?
User avatar #481 to #480 - swbite (02/27/2010) [-]
Music does nothing if only the people watching hear it. In the movies, the guys you are trying to stop can't hear your music
User avatar #482 to #481 - saruman (02/27/2010) [-]
Yeah, but I mean, "useless"? that's hurtful man, I may be an evil wizard but I still have feelings. I mean come on, I bred the largest army in the history of middle earth, crossbreeding goblins and orc to create the urukhai. that's pretty cool right?
User avatar #483 to #482 - swbite (02/27/2010) [-]
Yo man I repect you and imma let you finnish, but Sauron had the biggest army of all time
User avatar #484 to #483 - saruman (02/27/2010) [-]
alright, we cool now, we cool.
User avatar #485 to #484 - swbite (02/27/2010) [-]
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