Video Game Fact Sheet. Other 2 did well, Death and Dreams. So I decided to do Video Games that I like. Hope you Enjoy.. Hello Everyone. I know I said that this  Video Games facts find it random
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Video Game Fact Sheet

Other 2 did well, Death and Dreams.
So I decided to do Video Games that I like. Hope you Enjoy.

Hello Everyone. I know I
said that this one would be
all entertainment. I
decided to just to video
games in general. I can
also do more with life and
other generes if people
request. Hope you enjoy.
10. The Psone was
originally planned as
a Nintendo console,
with Sony set to
design its electronic _
components. when -c _, H
Nintendo ditched the ""-',
project, Sony decided v-
to make a console
anyway. (Thank God)
9. Mega Man is known
as Rock Man in Japan.
This was changed in
America because 'rock'
is slang
for crack cocaine,
and the name stuck.
8. The Original Devil
May Cry was _
originally intended '
to be the next V ,
chapter in the
Resident Evil series.
The gun juggle move
was a glitch, but I. .
became part of
Dante' s move set.
7. Final Fantasy VII
was originally
designed for the
Nintendo 64. but
Square cancelled the
project and moved to
the Psone because of
the lack of space in
the console' s game
cartridges. FFVII
would' filled 13
6. The name Kratos -
as in, God Of War' s
angry hero - is taken
from the Greek word
cratos', which means
That looks like bethere.
5. Silent Hill A
wasn' t originally a
Silent Hill game. but
rather a separate
franchise being
developed by Konami
simply titled The
Room. when SR
producer/ composer
Akira Yamaoka came
across it, he decided
to make it part of
the official series.
PlayStation i?
4. Satoshi Tajiri,
the creator of
Pokemon, got the
idea for the
worldwide Game Boy
phenomenon after
collecting I ;\_j_
caterpillars as a A -
child and watching ".wyl
them change into
3. Super Mario World
for the SNES took
29, 000 hours to
program. Luckily,
it went on to sell
17 million copies
and was the
game of
its generation.
2. The Metroid series
doesn' t take place
in any kind of order,
so the plot can be tct
confusing. t (as
Theologically. AF"'' "
Samus' adventures [ I. t
take places as so:
Metroid (NES),
Metroid Prime (),
Metroid 2:
Return Of Samus
Game Boy),
Super Metroid (SNES)
and Metroid Fusion
GBA). Make sense r%
go online with Scray' s Kw, "
terrible PSA network
adapter was SOCOM:
Navy Seals.
1. Final Fantasy got
its name from the
fact that it was
supposed to be
Square' s last ever
game. They were
struggling to become
popular with dodgy
games like Rad Racer
and World Runner
and were going
to bow out of the
industry gracefully.
The neat an the list
has m do with
everything here; wise.
Going from comics
and movies m
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Submitted: 03/21/2011
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#1 - anonymous (03/21/2011) [+] (1 reply)
i already knew like four of these and the bouness 1
#4 - HooksaN (03/22/2011) [+] (3 replies)
To provide some further info on #1: Technically the Ps1 was not originally going to be a stand alone Ninty console, it was originally designed as a CD drive & 32bit upgrade for the SNES.
It was supposed to be an answer to Sega's MegaCD and 32x rolled into one.

However (after Sony had spent a LOT of money on R&D) Ninty decided it was too expensive and saw that the MegaCD and 32x were both unsuccessful, so told Sony they didn't want it any more.

The 2 companies had a bit of a fight about whether Sony should still be paid, and as a result Sony decided to upgrade the design and release it as a stand-alone console themselves.

...and sadly, I am old enough to have been into gaming when this all actually happened!
User avatar #5 to #4 - Papertowel (03/22/2011) [-]
Thanks for the info. I was like 6 when the PSone came out lol.
#3 - shotgunmessage has deleted their comment [-]
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