Facebook Rap Battle. this kid thought he could win against me. what is wrong with my brother? cours ago Like Comment and 5 others like this, He' s gay 2 hours a facebook Rap battle
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Facebook Rap Battle

this kid thought he could win against me

what is wrong with my brother?
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and 5 others like this,
He' s gay
2 hours ago . Like . nib 1 person
up! He confessed to me hos love For you. Ta better
2 hours ago . Like . nib I person
2 hours ago . Like
I Now me,
Now back at your brother.
a MDA BACK to me,
Sadly, he isn' t me,
But if he stopped using lady scented body wash he could smell like
Look down.
Back up.
Where are you?
Your on a boat, with the man your brother could smell like.
Whats in your hand? Back at me, I have it, Its an oyster with 2
tickets to that thing you love.
Look again, the tickets are now DIAMONDS.
Anything is possible when your brother smells like old spice and not a
2 hours ago . Like . nib 3 people
CI MUCH WIN. how is this possible?
2 hours ago , Like
Pa LII-‘ Does that answer your question?
2 hours ago . Like
aing is wrong with my brother, youjust his
2 hours ago , Like
Peek at your friends
ow ack at me
make some more up
then hear my symphony
of sounds, of words
slapping the side of your face like paul scented birds
not sure who this down is
but whati smell like is none of his biz
he may thinki smell like a lady
and ill just stand back, acting shady
knowing his cheep rhyme
wont get him anywhere this time
For he has awoken a beast
who apparently smells like a lady, atleast
so For now i bid you farewell
piss off, you dont know my smell.
18 minutes ago . Like
Pa Muir it is true that you put up a fight
you' re just cross, bet its muse you mum yourself at night
but these words and these rhymes are just the beginning
I' m just like charlie sheen muse
By the way, I think that your grammar is ‘whack’
We already won this battle so don' t comment back,
What beast have I awoken, couldn' t possibly be you
you' re arguing over the internet, the **** are you gonna do?
This onslaught of words should be a sign that you should quit.
p. s. you don' t smell like a lady, you just smell like **** .
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