Oh Runescape, you so crazy!. Found on the Runescape forums a while ago.<br /> Fat Alberts foverit fudz:<br /> funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/1799623/f Fat albert lieks onyen rengs und mershed perderde end spegy nd merbles nd boll uf sirl
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Oh Runescape, you so crazy!

Found on the Runescape forums a while ago.<br />
Fat Alberts foverit fudz:<br />

b' igiari@ ilia
only E
Fat people in RS
g Code at Ccitt% ,
Arent you tired everyone looking the same‘? Fear no more! Now your RS Character can ea as fat
as Fat Albert! Use your fat as a shield to reduce damage from dragunsfire breath! Roll clown hills
for maxiumum speed.'-
Sure. you wont be ante to run tertiary long due to a possible , out your is worth
it! you can hold extra items in your rolls of hit! You're your own
Training will he more difficult than ayer. your character we to less of l:
Thiamine will be much easier because owner sire rolls offal. and your targets will be in awe of your
sheer beauty! Th ear will literally omit to you and give you free experience!
Construction will also tre re mooted, where you will get stronger chars to allow your fat RS
Character's sit down in! We want you to die Anygame ebcause you broke your chair!
You will be sole to contact all ether fat NPC' s will your fat telepathy and summon them to do your
If ye are tew on health. you can use your er wand to summon free foodie replenish
your healthy.. r
en you' re at Ca site Wars. you can launch yourself from the eats poll for M/ / UM ..?
A new we st will come out aiming at fat people. You will eat year seethrough {Janey Land. leaving
no , Eat everyone. Everyone.
Fishing will be easier than was Simply moose Call into the water. and all the will be without
watery. Happy plotting!
Being a new is no longer til . If someone eons you a neon. you can eat them!
eab - hello irl waist!
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User avatar #1 - yousername (03/11/2011) [+] (1 reply)
Why are you on runescape in the first place?
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