funny facebook comp. . Galileo So tune out the earth... goes around the son. who knew? C- L' fild Comment Like El Copernicus likes this, The Church hahaha wot y

funny facebook comp

Galileo So tune out the earth... goes around the son. who knew?
C- L' fild Comment Like
El Copernicus likes this,
The Church hahaha wot you smokin' he
1 hour ago - Like
Galilee Naything. We in meanest feet.
5. 7 initiates ago , Like
The Church hails rapilight seriously out it out bro II mathan wank
E Galileo his I' m not ''. Want in see my proof'?
T?. lnir' titehs ago . Like
initiates ago , Like
Bert Franklin Signed up the declaration of independence today. Bowen.
it year: ago Comment ‘Like
Frame likes this,
I England ‘fut; done ****** up now.
25 minutes ago , Like
John Admits Bring it.
25 minutes ago . Like
Ben Franklin You madden dent stand a diaries.
15 minutes ago ' Like
Thomas kWh Redcoats'? More We ' tel: l: etst Amiright?
8 minutes ago . Like
John Hancock Does this mean we get to sign more **** ? Cuz that
was fun.
5 minutes ago I Like
Bert Franklin So we gathered.
2 minutes ago - Like
Charles Darwin Crazy lie. -rs... looks like all titling creatures evolved from more
basic forms otter millennia.
The Church hahaha u drinkin' tire?
e. age - Like
Charles Darwin I' m serious. And l' m pretty are hummus mead mi
If mini. -tee ago -Like
55 Ancient Asteroid is hitter‘ up earth today, f ya know whail mean.
9' 3 rel on wasp's ailen . Comment Like
Tyrannasaurus Rex
l Triceratops ,
Earth FM.
T.? minutes ago . Like
Isaac Newton God damned apple fell out of a tree and hit me on the head.
V'/ -' Comment Like
tease Newton Whoa, wait a sewed..-
25 minutes ago ' Like
Julius (teaser My boys pulled together a til‘ get together at the ease tonight.
Gonna be killer party.
eius one Comment Like
g ensue on it' ll be killer alright.
l J. Julius Cesar Hahah deft be HEM, dude.
2 more ago 'Like
God Hello? Anyone?
year‘: :?EID :o: ' to The Holy Bible) Comment Like
the So ohm.
F says age r Like
God wasted Light
the Let them be it.
7 ewe ago 'Like
H]: God wasted the Heavens and the Earth
H God [seated Adam
the Could do nether
w ,Like
it God Heated Ege
eh thedane The Snake like this.
the Hells yeah- New that' s artist I divine.
The I like the first kind better.
Adam and are meted Original sin
The was this.
Illgal that Sen er e... these one mam.
Jesus Don' t mm Dad, Egret this.
c: if hotels we 'Like
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#1 - oisinholz (03/10/2011) [-]
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#3 - anonymous (03/10/2011) [-]
******* repost
#2 - anonymous (03/10/2011) [-]
funny as hell . u the man
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