School Rules. amirite? Deds to Keep.<br /> After a date:<br /> Badass old lady: one throbbing crabcake nice saggy brown Finger bewbs anus Hair
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School Rules

n walk into the classroom with a jacket on*
teacher: take that jacket off Nam! they are against
school rules
me: OMG, I am sew sorry! ls anyone hurt? no? ark.
just slowly remove this extremely hazardous
of my terse.... angl slowly freeze to
me: but miss, why are yam wearing a jacket?
teacher: because it' s cold an-
class gets down and screams in fear*
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Submitted: 03/08/2011
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#125 - immortalelk (03/09/2011) [+] (2 replies)
cough cough
#34 - Pubictaco **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (4 replies)
User avatar #82 - CabooseMichael (03/09/2011) [+] (3 replies)
>Buy drink from the vending machine
>Turn around, making eye contact with a security guard
>walking to class with drink in hand
>"Excuse me sir, but I'm going to have to ask you to throw that drink away."
>"Why? It's not open?"
>"You could have alcohol in it"
>"But you saw me buy it just now! And it's unopened!"
>Saturday detention for ignoring the "law" and potential alcohol possession
**** my school...
User avatar #413 - brainpollution (03/09/2011) [-]
well APPARENTLY im not allowed to masturbate in class. The teacher just says stuff like "you cant come to class naked" and "this is the third grade!" and **** . I don't see the big deal, the but my parents talk to each other about me like "this isn't because of his Down Syndrome, is it?"

#35 - AmazingRedStuff (03/08/2011) [+] (8 replies)
My school tries to police our personal interests. They believe that whatever the majority is into, every one has to be into. Well, when more than 80% of the school started getting obsessed with rap, nobody was allowed to wear band tees, hoodies, etc, or even have logos on your binder or folders unless they had to do with rap and hip hop. I was listening to my iPod with my friend, and got detention just because it was playing Rammstein. Well, every musician in my school is into rock and metal etc., so one day, we all came in to school with our hair dyed multiple colors, wearing band tees and hoodies, and with our iPods on as loud as possible. When we got yelled at to change, we all shouted, "Rap is **** !" and left.

Tl;dr: Pic.
User avatar #371 - Soarklez (03/09/2011) [+] (2 replies)
christian catholic school, guys cant have long hair... Jesus had long hair idk whats the big deal.
#146 - Diggaholic (03/09/2011) [-]
Something like that happened to me once but instead of a jacket I
shot up the school.
#131 - choppinczechJr (03/09/2011) [-]
4th grader got expelled for using a plastic knife to eat lunch at my elementary... *sigh*
4th grader got expelled for using a plastic knife to eat lunch at my elementary... *sigh*
User avatar #424 - kirtpar (03/09/2011) [-]

Teacher: Take off your jacket.
Student: Sorry ma'am wont happen again
Teacher: Good put it on my desk please.
Student: Yes Ma'am, sorry.
User avatar #138 - stumphyjr (03/09/2011) [-]
We're not allowed to do crack lines during class. I mean what the **** man.
User avatar #318 - Munchkinpunter (03/09/2011) [-]
So opened the door and everyone got on the floor? all we need is a dinosaur
#416 - MrRickAstley (03/09/2011) [-]
Copy a Facebook group

Front page
#873 - deutschtasche (03/09/2011) [-]
for some odd reason im not aloud to bring a gun to school
#786 - ryukluke (03/09/2011) [+] (4 replies)
I thought I had seen this before...
Then I remembered.
Next time you claim something to be OC, change the words a little bit.
#357 - strykerblade (03/09/2011) [+] (3 replies)
Nobody gives a **** here in Hawaii.
The other day, this girl kept insulting me and trying to start **** , and one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I had punched her in the face.
One day detention.

That's it.
#559 - Gamedudebt **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #378 - SgtObvious (03/09/2011) [-]
You can't have heroine on school grounds! ******* ********
User avatar #81 - onyxrose (03/09/2011) [+] (2 replies)
In middle school I wore transitions glasses (they get dark in bright light if you didn't know) and I got in trouble daily for wearing sunglasses in school. And by the time the teachers got the discipline forms out, my glasses would change to normal and they would say I "switched my glasses when I realized I was breaking the rules."
User avatar #302 - dropz (03/09/2011) [+] (2 replies)
The worst rule almost every school has is no showing cleavage what else is supposed to make us want to go to school
#112 - allthekingsanons (03/09/2011) [-]
actually our school just passed a rule letting us use electronics unless the teacher asks us to stop (which rarely happens). and they gave us the Wifi password so i have few complaints
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