shes really trying to find a husband. i give up on im gonna find me a funnyjunker to marry. Norry muumuus you gap taming Started g Latest Headlines About Me Hey shes really trying to find a husband i give up on im gonna me funnyjunker marry Norry muumuus you gap taming Started g Latest Headlines About Me Hey
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shes really trying to find a husband

Norry muumuus you gap
taming Started g Latest Headlines
About Me
Hey there! My name is whatever you want it to be and I am 25 years old. I am really stupid and ignorant for the most part. I don' t care about
anything that doesn' t directly involve me as I am the center of the universe. I go around demanding people call me by my nickname which is
Princess Perfect". I like laying around, eating and not moving and am so irritated whenever anyone asks me to do anything that I get violent, I
pretty much just use men for money and/ or sex and my partners are many. I have a teacup chihuahua that I' named Tads Hilton‘. If I' m not
drunk, I' m usually on something else, I have 3 kids who I don' t know whom the father is nor do I care because I get a nice check for them each
month. I pretty much have maxed out all of my credit cards on things I don' t even use because I am beautiful, I spend all day ordering people
around, even strangers because let' s face it, I am better than you. I have the aroma of my own signature scent which consists of tequila, Cheetos
and vomit. I' been arrested a handful of times for crimes as to which I did not commit or to things I feel shouldn' t be illegal anyways. I pretty much
tell people whatever they want to hear so that I can get what I want, regardless. I want to get married now as my clock is ticking and I' d like a few
legitimate children as well; what can I say? I' m a hopeless romantic, He will take my last name because I will be the one wearing the pants in the
family. I will tell you how to eat, breathe and sleep. You will sleep on the couch because I do not want you coming on try me when I am trying to get
my precious beauty sleep (not that I need it). You' re probably wondering why a catch like me is on the interwiev trying to find her sublimate but
the truth is that I have a hard time finding "Mr. Right' because he just doesn' t know "quality" when he sees it. That and all men are jerks who get
slightly irritated when they find out that I' been cheating on them with their best friend that theyve known for over a decade. I' m so sick of all
the drama and jealous women! I' m not shallow but please be footslogging, tan, tall, buff and have lots of money. I look really nice as a passenger in
a convertible with the Gucci sunglasses you just bought me! Ifi sound like the girl for you (why wouldn' t I?) please feel free to not send me a
message because you' re not good enough for me anyways. ,
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User avatar #1 - Garude
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(03/07/2011) [-]
dude i want to marry a funnyjunkie!
#2 to #1 - sheephehe [OP] **User deleted account**
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User avatar #4 - freakychick
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(03/07/2011) [-]
this made me giggle =]]
#3 - wtfisthisshittwo
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(03/07/2011) [-]