Led Zeppelin. Everyone likes Led Zeppelin right? come on!. LED ZEPPELIN It you don' t like them, then YOU!. You just gotta let the Led out! led zeppelin Awesome best Band ever

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User avatar #1 - metalhedsixsixsix (01/29/2010) [+] (6 replies)
You just gotta let the Led out!
#3 - anonymous (01/29/2010) [+] (8 replies)
Led Zeppelin is satanic and i will not listen to them for i am a proud Christian
#4 to #3 - yoshicoto **User deleted account** (01/29/2010) [-]
not only dont i belive in god, but i hate you for 3 reasons
1. your a ******* retard. Led Zeppelin is not satanic. if you believe they were, then your ******* retarded, insanly high, or have a good point. if you have a good point, share it with us
2. your an anonymous. **** you.
3. you said you don't like Led Zeppelin cuz their music is satanic? then what do you listen to? the Jonas brothers? hannah montana? **** you
User avatar #16 - Nightelfbane (11/14/2010) [-]
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