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User avatar #1227 - Shaggy
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(01/29/2010) [-]
im enjoying this. people, anons or users, take this site way to seriously. does anyone else here mature enough to acutally realize this is getting mabey a taaaaaaad bit ridiculous? i mean just even a little? im sure some of you are agreeing and actually dont give a **** what the anons\trolls have to say. i say let them spam, their just waisting there own time doing it. just ignore it. stop blowing it out of proportion. and just stop giving a crap. yea im prooooobably gonna get like five hundred eighty two thousand nine hundred and fifty four thumbs down but you know what? - **** not given.
User avatar #1229 to #1227 - Kiecool
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(01/29/2010) [-]
and a thumbs up goes to you
User avatar #1237 to #1229 - Shaggy
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(01/29/2010) [-]
thank you. see your actually mature. you know i cant actually believe the anons are dumb enough to form an "uprising." makes me wonder how they figured out how to use the comment box in the first place.