skittles vokada. how to make skittles vodka 200+ for more. How to make Skittles Vodka Haw vodka picture up a couple offars ago. So N thoughtit show you how to m skittles vodka pussy Money weed
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skittles vokada

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skittles vokada. how to make skittles vodka 200+ for more. How to make Skittles Vodka Haw vodka picture up a couple offars ago. So N thoughtit show you how to m

how to make skittles vodka 200+ for more

How to make Skittles Vodka
Haw vodka picture up a couple offars ago. So N thoughtit show you
how to make youngen r) Enjoy!
You will need;
one Us liter bottle (l used Stall - you don' t need the most
expensive vodka, but do avoid the cheap ones)
Five " ounce flasks or bottles
one 1 pound bag
We empty Plas K water bottles
A funnel
Bowls for separating the Skittles into flavors
A measuring cup (not pictured)
Wordfilters or paper towels
You' ll also want to cover your workspace with newspaper or freezer paper - this
can get messy. ' a and batch, here' s the you
need to how: I used so skittles to 6 , which yields about 8 ounces of
infused vodka. want to make at , or 3 times thret, iust
Step v. Separate the colours
Simply seperate the flavours you'll need so ofence.
Step -Setting up your Infusion Bottles
Fill your water bottles with 6 ounces each. It
doesn' t need to be exact - you can always even it out
later by pouring in a bit more vodka to the ones that
come out with less.
Step 3: Add the Skittles
Meurthe Skittles affine flaw) nu) one infusion bottle,
then meurthe next flavor MS I les into the next infusion
bottle, and so on u _ Allive bottles havea pile
soaking in .
vou could certainly be more sophisticated than I was here,
and use a funnel to pour the Skittles ofence flavor into
one ofthe bottles. The reason I it this way was that I
rel would be easier to wash each flavor of Skittles off
my hands before moving onto the next one than it than to
get that flavor out ofthe funnel each _ e- that plastic
tends to hold onto the flavors, skin dneirf .
Step 1,. Shake 'em, shake 'em, shake 'em
Now your infusion bottles all have Skittles in the
bottom. Give each bottle a good shake -the more,
the better. In my picture here, you can seethed the
colored candy coating has already rubbed off into the
vodka, but the white insides ofthe Skittles still have a
lot redissolving to do. After shaking them, set them
aside for a few hours. les a good. ea to shake them
again then, you're maki g a bigger
batch. My Skittles all dissolved overnight.
once they' re all dissolved, you'll
notice a lot muck narrating
at the top. we' ll take care ohms in
Step 6.
Step 5: Strain
Thereaver strain this stuffing metall the
white gunk out. Some people prefer paper towels, but I used
found . I puta funnel
insidee measuring cup.
Then I put four coffee filters in the funnel. les hard to say
exactly how need, since totall
exactly the same. I' ll tell you one thing I did learn, though:
orange and green needed more filtration than the others. I
discovered this when I thought I was finished, and found a
little bit oowhite stuff still narrating in those two flavor's. No
problem, though: Hus! strained them again through one more
coffee filter, and that took care of it. so Wynn find you haven' t
strained it thoroughly enough, the good news is: you can
always for that later.
Then I poured one ofthe infusions into my strainer setup. I had
to pour about a quarter of in Fusion in, then wait for some of
it to soak through, then pour another quarter in, until I was
done. (Mme strainer clogs with white gunk, use a spoon to
scrape the white gunk out ofthe way.) In the end, you'll have
about Bounces h infused vodka. then I dumped the
funnel and coffee filters into one ofthe bowls lad used earlier for
counting out Skittles, to catch drips as I can over to the
sink. I washed everything out for refusing (except the coffee
filters, ofcourse - those I just rinsed before disposing of, so the
sugar wouldn' t attract ants).
Then I took the liquid from the measuring cup and poured it into
a flask, via the funnel. vou can see here that the green
is a little t . and it shouldn' t have been - thais why I ended
up having to outfitter I .Then I rinsed the funnel out again.
Repeat this process for each flavore.
Step 6: Chill &Serve
Now or bottles infused vodka:
Stick them in the freezer for several hours - overnight is fabulous...
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