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Creepy Doll Comp

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My own Teddy bear
In not gonna on you Wat to dc, my
Robert, a _ popular known doll to Haunted
history, was pen to a boy named Gene by hrs
caretaker, who some say was a voodoo watch. He
took rt everywhere even when he was an adult
and well married. Whenever bad thangs
happened Gene would swear that rt wasn‘ t his,
but Robert. Upon dung a museum took hold of
rt and thangs started breaking and making
noeses. Some say that they can see Blobert
hrs glass case, as they pass by.
Thie rs Mandy, she rs over 90 years old and was
donated to the museum mm burns, cracks and other
fractures to her body. The owner who donated her
told people that rt was a famaly toy, passed down
from . However she said that she would
hear an infant mung m the middle of the naght and,
upon would find Mandy propped up
from her previous positron and the window open.
Derple m the Museum dad that they can here the
mes, often when as close to closing trmo.
Thie doll, accordance named Devil Baby, was made
of leather For a close mend who had ded. The plan
was made to put the coffin, but the famaly
objected, claiming how rt would anger the
deceased. The maker of the doll took rt back, but
to have rt ‘speak to mm m hrs late friends voice and
to have rt move around mm no controls. Grevious
owners, upon havong the doll, reported tales of
g horror and voices coming from the doll. After a long
trial of owners, the doll was donated to a Museum.
h woman from Texas purchased an authentic Voodoo
doll from New Orleans as an attempt to have more
and more antiques fill her house. Upon purchase and
arrival, she claimed that horrible thangs happened
such as matches, bates and fires that would start m
her house. She mailed rt away to severl other
people who wanted k, to only have rt returned back
to her, the box claiming that her frienda no longer
lived m then previous residents. Scared, she burned
and cut up the doll, only to have rt returned to her
by an unnamed sender, completely intact. The doll
was donated and locked m a glass cage.
This doll had belonged to a grrl from the age of 5 all
the way to her death, through world war II and
severl catastrophes. Her clothes had never been
changed upon purchase and had beveled to many other
countires through an unknown trmo span. She was
donated to a museum mm the to show
antique dolls, but was then Sven to the Haunted Doll
Museum upon reports of her pushing other dolls out of
the way and leaning against glass cages, bang Found m
different positrons than she was origanally put .
Joliet was clawed as a cursed sensation, havong
been passed down from . Every woman
that had owned her then family had lost every son
they* had at three days old, but only f the woman
had inherited thrs doll. "My mother, her mother, and
my great grandmothers have lost them children, as
have I, I hawk gotten rid of rt yet because I know
that then souls has to be m there. I‘ talked to
Mediums and who thank Tm cazy, but I Just
know k." This doll has not been donated away and rs
stall bang passed down to every Female m the Famaly.
Alright, so thrs rsn‘ t my teddy bear but I have one the same
line )
Mme was gaven to me when I was born by an uncle that shortly
passed away. It played christmas musac For a whale, but had
the batteries removed when we needed them For somethang
else ham, cu we couldn‘ t afford any more at the Mme, so we
Just reused them. It layed m my room, and everytime we had a
death the famaly rt would play before we were scuffed,
only to recieve news that day. Its now locked up m my aura
cu rt freaks me out sometimes... I feel kand of bad though...
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