I Accidentally this Post. . VOL: are connected to anither user! ijust accidentally a cc) ) la bettle, is this bad? accidentally what? a cc) ) la bettle what hap
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I Accidentally this Post

VOL: are connected to anither user!
ijust accidentally a cc) ) la bettle, is
this bad?
accidentally what?
a cc) ) la bettle
what happened with the bottle? i can' t
understand with the way yeu' re
phrasing yew guestion
eh i was just messing around and i
accidentaly the wheedle bettle
ithis yeu' re missing a werd, because i
still can' t figure out what you did, did
you drink all the seda? is the bettle
is the bettle stuck somewhere?
held en ene sec i need to the bettle
to I what/ the bettle?
i' m serry. i' m heping that it' s a language
barrier er samething that' s making me
not be able to understand you, because
all yeu' ye teld me is that samething
happened with 'the whale bottle', but
you haben' t teld me what that is ecactly
SC) unless you find seme ether way
telling me, i can' t help you, serry
eh serry ts Just hard that hm trying to
type with you and i' m having a hard
time when the whale bettle accidentally
is yew hand stuck in the bottle?
er is somethingelse stuck in the bottle?
well yeah you knew when you and then
the whale bettle gets stuck
the werd isn' t shewing up en the chat
eh really? isn' t shewing? you can' t see ?
he, i can' t. it' s yere frustrating
wierd, well you knew have you ayer
with a bottle? this is the whale thing.
maybe you need to see a meter? i can' t
see the werd, but i' m beginning to
not sure a docter can help me, i mean it
was accidentally the whale bettle
i' m serry that i still can' t figure out what
happened ecactly. peeple to the
emergency reem fer all sorts things.
you sheild ask sameone else, because i
den' t thnk i can help you
well maybe i can explain it better when i
tell you abaut where i live
you see, i was screwing around in the
playground, with the pales in it, and
then a couple guys; came around with
these cocacola bettles
uh huh
they were really up to he geed, then we
were and suddenly i accidentally the
year sentences are missing werds.
either yeu' re not typing them, er the
chat thing is taking them eut, possibly
fer profanity reasons
and my mom get scared and said
yeu' re accidentally the whale bettle
with yew auntie and uncle in bellair"
The ether user has left the discussion l
i whistled fer a cocacola truck and when
i came near the bettle said FRESH and
had ICE in the rear
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Submitted: 02/22/2011
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