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User avatar #40 - JAlbastlkr (02/23/2011) [-]
created a fake profile named Chuck Niddel...
send her a friend request...she accepted...let the mass rape begin
#57 to #40 - CHODYTHEBLAKGUY (02/23/2011) [-]
you have to post it so we can see or it didnt happen
User avatar #58 to #57 - JAlbastlkr (02/23/2011) [-]
any ideas on how i should troll her?
#61 to #58 - anonymous (02/23/2011) [-]
keep tagging her with this photo
User avatar #63 to #61 - JAlbastlkr (02/23/2011) [-]
ok..when i log in later ill do it
#60 to #58 - CHODYTHEBLAKGUY (02/23/2011) [-]
hmmm you know i cant think ofany right now. usually im good at this but my teeth hurt so i cant think straight. ill have to get back to you on some ideas but do watever comes to mind
User avatar #62 to #60 - JAlbastlkr (02/23/2011) [-]
kk..let me know..cause the profile seems legit..i just need to troll the **** out of her
#64 to #62 - CHODYTHEBLAKGUY (02/23/2011) [-]
aight im gonna friend you and message you prolly tomorow night if i get any ideas
#59 to #58 - anonymous (02/23/2011) [-]
tell her to look up this link
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