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Call of Duty Facts(ZELDA in desc)

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Call of Duty Series
In the first Call of Duty, the player can use the
Carbine, the Paratroopers' version of the
MI Carbine. In later games, when the player is not
from the airborne (such as Call of Duty 2, when
the character is in the gnd Rangers, or World at
War, in which you play a Marine in the Pacific), a
normal MI Carbine is used. The game still refers
to it as the Carbine. That is incorrect.
in most can of Duty games, the character you play never gets
promoted, even it they serve across many years, from early in the war
to the end. only when the character is in the sst Infantry Division,
the Big Red one, does the character get promoted, and one Russian
character advances in rank. In Wall of Duty: Finest Hour' for XBOX,
your character fights from Aachen to the bridgehead at Memegen,
going from sergeant to Lieutenant. in the same game, your character
of a Russian tank commander, a balding, Lieutenant
Zhdanov, eventually makes major. in ‘call of Duty: Big Red One,' your
character serves as a private in Africa, makes corporal in Sicily, and
makes sergeant in France. Even so, tor anyone who served that long
in combat, private to buck sergeant in that time period is pretty
damned slow. As a contrast, your Russian character in the original
can of Duty, Private Alexei, sees his first combat in Stalingrad and
is still a private when he storms the Reichstag in Berlin in 1945.
Brian Johnson, grantyman of rockwood band AC/ DC, voiced
the British character' s sergeant in can of Duty: Finest
Hour. The character of Private Carlyle serves in the British
tth Armoured Division, the "Desert Rats." Brian John
voiced the roleplayer character because his father sewed
in the Desert Rats as well.
M ea
In can of Duty 2: Big Red One, many of the
characters in the player' s squad were voiced by
actors from the series "Band of Brothers."
In some COD games, the character can use a tank. or
course, tanks usually had 4 or teams, but in COD
the player does practically everything. He drives and
shoot, as well as uses the coaxial machine gun. It' s
possible that the existence of an NPC loader was
accounted tor, but both driving a tank and shooting the
main gun is probably pretty taxing. In COD 2, while CHI "
a British Crusader tank, someone else fires the forward
machine gun. or course, having the player do one thing
while do the rest, can be a bore, so no wonder
Activision did what they did.
In can of Duty 3, the player can play a Canadian from the
Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders Regiment, or a Polish
tank crewman. It is the only game in which you can play a
Polish character. only in one other game, the rather
obscure Call of Duty, Roads to Victory (for the Playstation
Portable) can you play a Canadian character.
The character of Captain Price is particularly popular in the series.
In the first can of Duty, he is the player character' s (sergeant Evans)
commanding officer in the gnd "Ox and Bucks‘ Regiment of the
British an Airborne in the mission to take Pegasus Bridge. He is
later captured while sabotaging the German battleship Turpis
disguised as a German Kriegsmarine officer, but is rescued by the
American player character Private Martin of the 101st Airborne. m
can of Duty 2, he is seen two years earlier in the British tth
Armoured Division, the Desert Rats, curiously sporting his airborne
red beret. He pops up again in the unlikeliest of places, can of Duty
4: Modern Warfare. or course, there' s no way he can be the same
person. But his name and appearance (particularly his trademark
bushy mustache) are identical, as is his voice. My guess? He' s the
grandson of the original Captain Price. In can of Duty 4, you can
finally play him in a flashback mission 15 years before the game' s
story, when he was Lieutenant Price (wow, his promotions are slow!).
can of Duty 5, World at War is the first COD game in
which the character tights in the Pacific theater, and the
first in which the Fcbomb gets dropped?!
ellr _ an
In the first can of Duty, the British NPC Sergeant Waters
was voiced by a actor... named Jason
Statham, who' s come up in the world since, you might say.
Giovanni Rikishi, who played Private Wade (the medic) in
Saving Private Ryan, voiced American NPC Private Elder.
can of Duty: World at War got some bigger names. Gary
Oldman voiced Russian Sergeant Reznov. Kiefer Sutherland
provided the voice of Marine Sergeant Roebuck
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