Come on now be nice (Enlarge). <br /> ^ any ideas of what i should do next?. Dear . it this been brought tots attention that some individuals have been us dinosaur porn
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Come on now be nice (Enlarge)

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^ any ideas of what i should do next?

Dear .
it this been brought tots attention that some individuals have been using foul language
during the course
language wil
expressing your thong
F normal conversation with their coworkers. Due to_ complaint's, this type of
i no longer be tolerated. However,‘ we realize the critical importance of accurately
his when communicating with coworkers. Therefore, we provided a list of
New and inovative "TRY SAYING" phrases so proper exchange of ideas may continue in an
effective manner.
You don' t know what the f*** youve doing.
She' s a blockbusting b** ch.
And when the f*** do you expect me to do this?
You' gotta be sh** ing me!
Tell someone who gives a sh**.
its not my f*** ing problem.
This sh** won' t work,
Why the f*** didn' t you tell me sooner?
He' s got his head up his a“.
Eat sh** and die.
Kiss my a”.
Shove it up your a“.
This job sucks.
Who the f*** died and made you boss?
Thank You,
Human Resources
I think you could use more training.
She 's an aggressive forgetted.
Perhaps I can work late.
I' m certain that isn' t feasible.
Perhaps you should check with...
I wasn' t involved in the project.
That' s interesting.
I' m not sure this can be implemented.
Til try to schedule that,
He' s not familiar with the issues.
Excuse me, sir?
So you weren' t happy with it?
I' m a bit overloaded at the moment.
I don' t think you understand.
I love a challenge,
You want me to take care of that?
He' s somewhat insensitive.
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Submitted: 02/18/2011
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nice lol
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