Goku vs. Superman. It looks like Goku wins........ Cl Anonymous ( . 53: efil No. 306856277 I did my research and question once for all please read, quick facts
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Goku vs. Superman

It looks like Goku wins.......

Cl Anonymous ( . 53: efil No. 306856277
I did my research and question once for all please read, quick facts that proves everything.
In one ofthe fist Dragonball Emeries hearth, he scans the power level ofa normal man wich was 5 power level, lets call it PL. (radii: had the PL then)
After some research superman speaks his lift at around 155 tons = 155. 555 kg 452. 252 pounds.
A average human (no powerlines, gemran we can lift around 40% onhis as man (streight up in the standing)
An average person weights , 40% of is 32.
100, = 3125, superman can lift 3125 times more then a normal person = strength of 3125 men.
Remember) average person had PL of 5.
tix 3125 = 15 625.
In conclusion, Gem could beat superman afterthe traning with King kai
the blue fat guy that lived on the planet with supergrasses in heaven} goku could reach temper. with kayokensa.
In the episode "over . l" goku could reach power level at around ifhe used kaiokenx. but only with kayokensa he could reach and beat superman.
I Anonymous No.
iitc-( 33 KB, 350x399, katypower_ fil. fpg)
earth, peaks *1”
This is woken n 2
I Anonymous : 06 No. 306856764
File" _ . KB, 346x323, king kaoxpg}
This is king ital.
I Anonymous : 37 No. 306856868
i guess superman was gravity train like goku lull
I Anonymous : No. 306856900
Holy ****
I Anonymous . tit. No.
w: 68568 68
Superman hardly trained doing teamwork training
I Anonymous . No. TO
Cl Anonymous No.
******* hell... you get the
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