rainbow fucking brownies. taste like funnyjunk.... Alright, so you want to know now to Impress little gins This recipe will have ions surroundings you in sheer  brownies lol yum

rainbow fucking brownies

taste like funnyjunk...

Alright, so you want to know now to Impress little gins This recipe will have ions surroundings you in sheer
or your culinary prowess.
Let' s make some ******* brownies.
Let' s make some white chocolate rainbow ******* brownies.
so ounces or white chocolate chips
6 tablespoons Butter
2 was
1/ 4 cup sugar
I cup flour
Splash of vanilla extract
Food coloring
olliehall I/ 2 cup moaned nuts (walnuts might be good’)
Donnie boil on in at white chocolate mus with
6 or butter,
in youve maroon, this means heat them until
melted/ blended in a 901/ howl an top in another pot yarn
polling water in It. This keeps them on mule om: heat
some so they tiem' t porn).
Take them Mt the heat when completely mound.
Let moi to room temperature (even a little warmer is fine).
been mixing so you titteh' t get a sow block or chocolate
mine grossness.
Add 1/ 4 cup and we was and my
that **** up until It' s smooth/ well Incorporated,
A cup and a generous splash of vanilla,
n your inner child is dead, skip all oi the color related steps and add
some chopped nuts during this step for equally delicious, but less run, brownies.
Mix ' son. no we wyte pockets of figur, pix, that IS not yummy
my yours done mixing, crease an as badog Dan and Preheat your man to no
New new in or your ma into a separate howl.
when " e amount or colors you want). Usually
Add a ten drops of (and color and
until You get the was you want,
pour the dirst calm Into your pan.
Maw in time Var you try baww: wash the second howl
Dull‘: he 3 Ewan, you don: warn your colors to mix at this step,
so Kills is necessary.
Again, pour in 101. no color. an
Pour second column. You' ll notice that w you dont **** with it we much,
they won' t combine because the batter is too thick
Start mixing now, however, and ugly browns are in your Future,
Yum yum. At this point, If you want them to be more tlmfye. swirl Aith a fork.
Too much mixing will mix your colors together no you‘ get colors
Bake that **** at no (or atom so minutes.
Youthe comes out clean, slightly crown edges, etc. etc. an
Let' ern cool before you cut and serve so they maintain their shape.
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