Worth the read. If you have gotten this far i am sorry for such a long read, this had me crying by the time i was done so i wanted to share it : )<br /> B Snow worth the read game boner soup
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Worth the read

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Worth the read. If you have gotten this far i am sorry for such a long read, this had me crying by the time i was done so i wanted to share it : )<br /> B

If you have gotten this far i am sorry for such a long read, this had me crying by the time i was done so i wanted to share it : )<br />
By the end of this i had tears running down my face from laughing so hard.

Diary of a Snow Shoveler
started to scew
The new scew wee season and the wee and w took our cockta/ s and sat for hours by the wwever the huge see Oak's eeww down from heaven
looked We a Gamma Moses Punt
So romanic we felt We newlyweds eeuw
w We sheww
December 9
We wake to a beautful blanket mrcristal wowee scew beween every waee wee landscape
What a fantasic yew
Can there be a weew place we the whole world?
wowee here was the best Mae we em had!
keewee forthe new Mme we was and felt We a boy eeuw
w ewe both our leeway and the sidewalks
wee the snowplow ewe along and weaved up the sidewalks and closed we the giveway, w got to sheww eeuw
What a perfect New
December 12
The sun eas melted all our lovely scew
Such a
My me not to weew weew we a wowee Chistmas
No scew on Chistmas would be ween
aee says weew we much scew by the aee , that Ill nederland to see sew eeuw
w dont wens
aee w: such a new man, w glad aee our neighbor
December we
Snow, lovely sheww e weezer last meet
The temperature dropped to co
The cold makes everything sparkle
The Mud took my breath away, but w warmed up by the leeway and sidewalks
wee w: the New
The snowplow ewe back ths and wee everything eeuw
w meme w would we to do meme ths much shovels; but Ill certainly get back we shape ths way
weew w wouldnt huband perso
December 15
20 weezer forecast
Sold my we and bought a we swam
Bought forthe wees car and 2 extra seer's
Stocked the freezer
The wee wants a wand slave we ease the eeis out
wens sew
We mam we Alaska w after all
wee storm ths meme
Fell on my ass on the wee we the leeway putang ewe salt
we we hell
The wee laughed for an hour, wowee w was my cruel
December 17
aww way
Roads are too my to go anywhere
Electricy was mews hours
w had to we the blankets on to stay warm
Noting to do but stare at the wee and try not to Notate her
Guess w shouldve bought a wand store, but wont we to her
Sod w hate we when sees Hem
w cant behave w freezing to death we my ewe wowee mum
Electives back on, but had another we weezer wee ewe starlust mam
Took all day
The ewe snowplow ewe by N/ wee
we to we a neighbor kwe to seem but they sawe they' re too busy Leakey
they' re Mug
Called the only hardware store around to see about keewee a sew blower and they' re out
mew we another sapient we March
they' re Mug
aee says w we to seem wee any WM we we done and b/ l me
aee Mug
December 22
aee was Hem about a wowee Chistmas because 13 more weezer wee wowee we fell today, and es cold, we probably wont melt hll August
Took me 45 aweswes to get all dressed up to go out to seem and then w had to wees
By the Mme w got undressed, elsee and dressed eeuw was too wee to seem
we to aee aee wee eas a plow on ews truck forthe rest wee wowee but he says aee too busy the w: Mug
December 23
oowy 2 weezer
And we warmed up to n
The wee wanted me to decorate the front wee house ths meme
What w: she, nuts? ll
Why see tell me to do that a month ago?
She says see ewe but w sees Mug
December M
we weezer I sew packed hard by snowplow, w broke the seem
Thought w was ewe a aeae attack
w em catch the see ma bush wee ewes that sew plow, Ill drag mm through the sew by ews balls and beat mm to death wee my broken seem
w know he ewes around the corner and was for me to flash and then he ewes ewe the street at mu megs an hour and mews sew all Wales! been
Toight the wee wanted me to any Chistmas carols wee her and we our presents, but w was too busy forthe ewe snowplow
December 25
Merry freaking
20 more weezer wee ewe slop (unmet -Snowed we
The Mae makes my blood eeww
Sod, w havethe sheww
Then the snowplow eeww ewe by asnwer for a and w he mm ewwie head wee my seem
The wee says w we a bad atitude
sees an we
m we to watch we Lfe" aee more Mme 'm game to studder mm the
December 26
aww keewee we
Why the hell ewe w em mew here?
was all HER Mae
sees really gettng on my ewes
Warned up to awe co
aww keewee we
The BITCH w: drang me
IO more weezer
aee says w we to seem the weew l could we we
Tens the s/ lest wowee w em heard How dumb eeis he w am?
w beat up the scew plow ween and nave he w: smug me for a moon dollars, not only the beaing w gave em but also to
scew the broken scew seem up ews ass
The wee went ewe to her mother
we more weezer predicted
w set we to wens weew wee house
No more
Feel good
Hus! We those New wowee p/ ls they keep ewe me
Why am w ted to the bed?
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