How to cope with morning wood. . Home Pee With Morning Wood men hate up m the yeu desperately have m pee, human have an erection, WWW makes t hare to , put the
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How to cope with morning wood

Home Pee With Morning Wood
men hate up m the yeu desperately have m pee, human
have an erection, WWW makes t hare to , put the harem hem go ahaa um!
yeu ms west are atthe e
the hrnng way, " yeu ene up peeing en the wall, the new
You may have developed yum WWY m dealing huh the , put Tr net
here are sums methods to take care er the mvmpvg part, m the angle etyefd
The Flying Wallenda
angles up acutely, atthe celling, yuuta eut er Tuck deepest
pet tam Install st: yeu can hang upstate eevn and
dame rest Warmog me may result
W head hwy
Strong Arming
The tame brute fume themed pants straight ‘ Wu may have to
have t m yaw hm Grasp the shah er press eevn en the top gently st: yew
penispenis , the pew keep the pressure en and ducklett
SIP, erhu may ene up wall Inthe race Note In sum:
eases the heathers because penting einstiens the HEW er urine tee much tr yew
e tee hard, cuntjuice Breehn -yuu new (,
The Lungs
tireur merang heeh slopes at a angle, messed All yeu
naeste do e st: yew stream er urine angles we the tenet The prevents
yeu hem welshy% pew Hetare the end, as Iostream getsuga[ ier, Wu can
lunge m and en the veer
Downward Dog
The piston ", put a We etiquette detente andet
sameone hanks W en we er Stand mung
the tenet huh arreter eithe pew atthe youre
Dummy the (eithe wall, eithe tua, depending en yew layout)
Adjusters stance st: hen pew wen pee to run
eevn youracunt Wynn get caught, new thatyou The to hate up wth a mornng yum
we The penmen may encourage yawn take litterate W general, was WWW mm
yeu wth the resume er (led( ' b' ' and matters
The Plank
Antiwar ene fur guys who pant stratum out er slightly eevn Stand a rem eithe way
hem the tenet and lean torgat, supporting yew hem by yew hands en the
wall awe the tenet Take are and we The penmen we strengthens
yourass we we muscles
The new we
sometmes suckit up we pee huh yum
legs apart we lean tinware st: yew pants pens eevn we the pew You may have m
press eevn en yew make sure yeu em pee eut we eevn the Hunt
er the pew And he stung eevn doesnt make yeu any Tess many especaly Tr there
are extenuated cirumstances What? You say ts an lung yeu cant keep them
dragger W the Water? [Oh, tonght then
Leg Up
ms net e have an vacuum that curves m ene we eithe ether Voyeurs was
the Wm naeste compensate occur% nguy use the mete brace
patinae en enerder um e
the You Install a we par pathe / TH/ Du do the Regularly
The Superman
Treaure a man mates! Inthe , yeu raght as hen be a superhero Te Anthe
cape, pew W a sendte (, and make The youre WWY
pressure relat hm be The kn/ m yaw burner
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#1 - TheBear (02/11/2011) [-]
Ha Ha! I had a copy of this setting on the counter in my bathroom ^.^
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