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Subject: semen ENDANGERED
Insert: 'Attachments [CC] Photos ' E From fang r ©
Josh unsung (274. 6 KB) _
luv BIL!
we Tammy,
Cam regretted to say that In the attachment ems when eoh: eahs e graphic puncture ohms emu students, Josh we to be execs, e ; she (Wanting semen the
pubic she Facebook. [behave he s e ones: to en your students and Mysef, Nessa guys ms matter the e:: ehheh t deserves before people ere when because that was
overlooked. zeeone
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Re: School ENDANGERED Bash to messages "
u Tamara Maryland was/ In
Thank yum fur yum: (museum. The 1: being hand) ed.
Dissaray Homeland
Assistant )
sees from my
On see 5, 2010, es new no can) pirate:
sells Tas-
I an regretted so My sees Che attachment es ch): femail reassess e graphy: Execute es ans es we
students, use Lane ca tre exact, e ' and past: an Che melee Facebuuk. I
believe m 1: s threat: so ell y' all: student: and masers, please gee sees messes use attention es deserve:
befire people are senses because es sees has overlooked. Guude) e::
lese. pssa
I travil assesses» l ", , F, 125559679 l lessees; l guesses» weo:... n Lesa -
Web threats lead to arrest of St. James student sports Yarn around and sports from the
North Caming. southern has an the
mehehehe commas-
Kasai sepak, mmu In Mammal News Strange News
wee so 10, 1010) mote here far ' s
top he: Cohen news
HORRE , (when _ Puma In Harry county have arrested e St.
James hon School student after allegedly connecting the teen to e wait
threat posted eh mo socal networking mes.
Joshua shhs: eiher Lane, la, of Eur: snse Beach, was arrested and charged Thrs "EV '" History
wellesley for schools.
and s summon resource officer at St. James was alerted by
school staff that we hes posted statists on Facebook and
e second socal ste. A WOMEN hem chansen, TX, ewes
school omgpls after upon the pos: naos.
Further naves: noe: noh led offers to descover the post that stated, "tou
guys thought yes bad wen see whu‘ s mday, you
A spokesman far Harry coun: y Polce sens detectives connected the
Statements to one of Lam's socal network's mes after the ' s
son forwarded the posts to whee.
Joshua chrs: eiher we
Saurce new
we was taken ICT to custody Wednesday and transported to 91 shoe - to emerge
the l. Reuben Long : en: noh Center. we has messes from custody on
After news ofthe posts spread, Lane' s re er called the we step ' st. James
pendent e "result afar! unfortunate error ICT Judgment High threat
here Wes never e threat mounded and at home was EH‘/ one ICT danger.
Josh, [ms mother ens " deeply regret Must hes [ahppened," Jeff Lane, the
serfs father, sens ICT e Statement to was News
Teal amen, fur Harry county sand we hes also been from St. James
huh swoon. The teen inspected to have e pan semen ems: omens on Monday to dicuss the
Myca's at St. James Huh School have gangrened extra security WV” be seasoned around the St. James Huh
School oedipus on may es e measure.
Because goes here and that : noh hes made, we take t very seiously,“ St. James hush
School Mann semen sens. Taday , were some to have extra donutses [at the schooll, ens
of course our school r& : e senses es wen.“
St. James used e phone we system on Thursday to sen parents about the modena. Parents ens students
sen expect to see extra securty meta! detectors at semen may .
2919 ; News. All rights reserved.
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has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #2 - oodlez
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And this is why OP never delivers lol
User avatar #1 - FatKidsLagIRL
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(02/09/2011) [-]
God damn..... i loled... i feel bad for the kid but... but i ****** loled....