The Origin of the Troll Face. look at the tags<br /> NOT OC. If you have posted this before me and show evidence I will delete this picture.. The True Ori
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The Origin of the Troll Face

look at the tags<br />
NOT OC. If you have posted this before me and show evidence I will delete this picture.

The True Origins
Of The Troll Face
lhe troll face which is originally a supposely
vigors lo describe the reeling .,..,.
trolling a we olit" which suddenly became
tcpalm' on internet forums and websites such as
With a n' beaning....
To these people a troll is someone who posts
inflammatory, extraneous, or messages...
But this image has origins running much deeper
and further back than the drawing songfests_._..
With a meaning quite simple in nature...
The Troll
The fol low picture
entails a troll which is
seen in the trekie
Ernest Scared Stupid"
its troll feats res
The Man
Ernest P. Worrell
A rosin who is quite
sea red of said troll
The Situation
After an epic bartle on the
back of Ernest: s pickup truck
the troll is hurled of off the
truck by Ernest throwing rope
him. The hull scion siter-
grabs the rope halong the
trucks rm-.' en' Aent EEO
Micr which Ernest yells to
his dog which is driving
to throw we car in reverse.
res the Dog was driving
the battle]
The Face
While heading Towards the Troll
Ernest make, this oh so familiar face...
New hamm_... where have I seen this before?
Oh wait thats right,,,,,
New wait your probably thinking
Hey they dent look all that alike"
well lets see after one simple change....
simply changing the horizontal margins;
to the form that a normal human
is actually capable of unlike the stretched
out picture what do we haye?
The True Troll Face
Notice the squintest right eye, the angled Jaw
The cheeks pushed hack to their limits
Ernest P, Worrell is clearly the true originator
of the "Well Face and so therefore ___..
Troll Face
in. A face which is made while hurling
your truck in reverse at a troll
Truth by Josiah and TO.
January 28,
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Submitted: 02/07/2011
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