If i could have your attention please!. tell me what you think. if you all agree, lets make sure admin sees this.<br /> EDIT: MAYBE I WASN'T CLEAR ENOUGH
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If i could have your attention please!

tell me what you think. if you all agree, lets make sure admin sees this.<br />
EDIT: MAYBE I WASN'T CLEAR ENOUGH IN THE PICTURE OF WHAT THIS CAN DO FOR US. HERE IS A SUMMARY OF THE REASONS: 1st, it would open up a wider variety of feedback available to the viewer. i know if you are a frequent funyjunk user, you cannot say that you haven't at least once couldnn't decide which way to thumb, or knew it was a quality joke but just didn't get it. Secondly, it would allow the poster to have a better understanding on what the viewers think of his or her work.<br />

Whats up guys. Now normally, i' m not the type of
funny" wiser to go on all types of rants and
complain and all that stuff. Normally when there' s
something i generally don' t like on funny? H , i' m
all like
but now i' m getting a little compulsive. See,
i' m aware that admin is currently running
updates on the site, so i think this is the right
time for us as a community to pitch an idea
that we can pretty much all agree on, and will
solve lots of problems for those of us who
want to be productive citizens of Fl by giving
feedback, but just don' t know what to say.
Dont know what i' m talking about yet, well
without further ado, i give you...
the MEH thumb
was rtra' re
meh i can
still make
must he a
8 hum: tan tta
she' s never
Why do will V
Because all
we mam
satomi last
min was "no
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Submitted: 02/07/2011
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#9 - NumberSeven (02/09/2011) [+] (3 replies)
aaron i just realized something
if you vote"meh" will the content go up or down?
#5 - aaronjzc Comment deleted by aaronjzc [-]
#1 - xxxsonic fanxxx (02/07/2011) [+] (6 replies)
Good plan because this thumb will do so much to improve the quality of pictures posted on this site. Why the **** would it help to have a thumb that does absolutely nothing? Please inform me if I am missing something.
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