catholic game review website on halo 3. EPIC FAIL. anyway if you guys could help a brother out, i need you to click this link for me. it gives a chance to win f Halo three game review christian fail
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catholic game review website on halo 3

catholic game review website on halo 3. EPIC FAIL. anyway if you guys could help a brother out, i need you to click this link for me. it gives a chance to win f

EPIC FAIL. anyway if you guys could help a brother out, i need you to click this link for me. You need to login to view this link it gives a chance to win free runescape membership so thanks everyone i hope you lol'd. Link to this retarded game review website: You need to login to view this link ml<br />

Note: I have not waved these games since their are rated . . - . this IS from a
on Seca_ iar' reedin reports.) The Halo series is a very’ popular ' .
first person shooter "game that first appeared oh the -original Eon. The
campaign is sat in space on a giant (that is why
it is trailed "ham", it has do with angels or amigos
how] where human" soldiers are battling; aliensfear ‘possession of the halo.
The have the. Master Chef who in a surprise out to
be more than just a military cook... has also a super soldier fr think this
was the plot of a Steven Seagal movie} saw before I was more again, .
ow; that was set on a Navy ship and he fought. teramaster instead of ,_ Mt
ailens. first his the same general idea.) it' s a" war game, so_ ther' e” s_ iota .of
violence, but it' s against r; -as hasn' t "said errything yet ashirt 'sick' a
guess that' s acceptable for now]. However, the aha
forces are "cadged "the Covenant“ and are depicted .as "having strong if .' g'
and a. desire for Salvation, so they are a.
reference to Christians. The Ham planet itself is a reference to
the rainbow God gave as , sign of His Covenant with us (Gen. 9: . ,
fl means‘ the game' s‘ objective of keeping this from the aide's -is
read; ashirt "destroying God' s- -with His creation- Typha! for
the media, the Christians are amen bad gtik. S and must he either
led away from God or "kiked. Also, there' s a naked woman in the gains,
ow she' s _a computer" and , but for mid we "can. Std totem;
see stuff. Where the Halo series. gets . had is in its. online piaf, which
teams to fight each other to capture the flag or other
objectives. in , here the pervers are ta ‘kit! other
humans (who are actual real peopie; youjust Ms], desensitising than to
the murder of their friends -and classmates (. h the games ate.
rated "M" most pervers are underage}. Mayers swear and use
constantin in the voice chat, hut that's not the worst part.
when a player kids another peavey, he goes to the corpse and does
called Stets bagging". fin not going to describe this since his
gross, hot, accordingly Skeet, it' s something that do to
each other. Why wouid they do this in a gajeel? '. s not the only .
sakuma content, The human soldiers are referred to as "Spartans" -- the real Appart_ ans were
Come to third: of it, harr. uos. have has Eden the rainbow symbol from
Christians and are using it to separate peopie from their God by Feeding them astray into the "Gay
lifestyle". Maybe Bungies' . "tea bagging" to further their theme into the
For violence, nudity, sweating, . g.. . activities and pronny_ hihg the destruction
of the Covenant, the gets Zopity CROSSES.
game review
website and i
laughed my
ass off. look at
the stuff they
said. worth
the read if
your into
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#23 - shoolayce (02/07/2011) [-]
oh my ******* gosh, this website HAS TO be a joke!
Look on the sidebar to the right, it asks:
"Do you use 'Cheat Codes'?"
-No they are not Christian
-No, I like to solve the game on my own
-Only if I can't get past a level
-Yes, but God knows I am a sinner and will forgive me

I mean ******* really? They give Portal a zero because it loosely resembles some book that 1 out of 500 athiests thinks is their version of a bible?
User avatar #2 - RageRambo (02/07/2011) [+] (22 replies)
LOL I read that and was like What the **** is wrong with those people? Were they dropped on their heads twenty times before they were grown?
User avatar #1 - SRsoccerstar (02/07/2011) [-]
sorry for the fail link just copy/paste for the second link
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