yup James Cameron is sure a genius. not mine<br /> may be a repost but Ive never seen it<br /> found on stumble.. SH it t in - it ship carrying ' ,,
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yup James Cameron is sure a genius

not mine<br />
may be a repost but Ive never seen it<br />
found on stumble.

SH it t
in - it ship carrying ' ,, s in the lush “ wand‘ of Mia. The settlers
are mining ; under supervision of . gehort! hhgttg ins exploring the
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new territory. and ena, ) : initially she is distrustful trf him. but a message neat
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her mum. The has begin spending tints together,
helps Jain understand that all the is valuable. and how all nature is a connected
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was of life. Furthermore she teaches him how ta hunt, mm; ea; at her cutters. We find
that her father is chine. and that she is set to be married to Hm. a great warrior,
fete. tue.
but a sedans man. mes not desire. that time, risen and find
they have a his fer each ether. Back at the settlement. the men, who beliebe the natives are
savages, plan to attack the natives for to an John out ct Jealousy, but he
is sentenced to death. Just were they " . the settlers entire. chief Panache is noes? I
gum tommel tais/ , chavvy emerge. as
killed, and stem sustains injuries here % , were is then
sits her are to says atha.. an and finally have each ether. and the
are cultures resales their differences. IMH C) - thart '
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pic somewhat related
#1 - Digitalphear (02/05/2011) [-]
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