10 weirdest diseases ever!. my first one:www.funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/1604311/Scariest+Animals+Insects/<br /> one bout myths: www.funnyjunk.com/funny_ Scary and weird diseases
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10 weirdest diseases ever!

The ten worst diseases in the world
Following the slime: my first camp, "Scariest animals:
Insects" [decided tn make a different camp but this time it
will be about diseases hopefully this will not have "Facts and
grammar pulled m my ass." Quoted by . Norw
10. The Plague (black death)
The plague happened tn be the most devastating disease tn
sweep through unrape. It killed around I/ 3 tn as the
whale population between ms tn 1 _ _ The
Plague still exists, bat ynn must be the panickiest guy M
earth tn catch it. The Bubonic plague was the most
common type plague, it consisted black spots
appearing M ynn! skin (swelling vessels) this then blacked
ynn! bland circulation tn limbs and... [wk at the pictire
above, that: what happens... ynn! lingers die and (all Ml,
kind like frostbite.
9. The stripe disease
laat this here because its is pretty strange and w '10
common tn be sale. Inn probably never heard it bat mi
have pobably seen it, peaple walking in the street linking like
a rial cow, well yes, that was ' s lines disease. There
are two different form it. Tiger stripes like the one above
and the ones whn [wk like dairy cows like I mentioned a
couple mes back.
8. Huge tongue syndrome
Inn an are probably thinking: "Hey! my (mind has that!"
Well mi are terribly wrong (M probably not) a huge
tongue is not just an abnormally huge tongue. It links like
mi the ******* kranken and ynn have his arm
sticking out It mast have been a female kranken because
as far as I am concerned (h y are not pink (M red)
otherwise this disease isn' t too severe bat mi can' t hilly
rinse ynn! month:
7. Down Syndrome
Harps iii Den) mi may say. “hen mi go tn school/ wink and
mi can ynn! freands/ caseworkers retarted mi are unintentionally
caning them down syndrome. This is probably the most famous
disease which ends with "" and it consists a person
being retarted from birth. Bat not noly " mi behave like an
anon bat ynn don' t live too long either. In the guinness warld
records bank , the oldest down sydrome tn date is 61
years Md.
6. Human wolf syndrome
Werewolf syndrome)
Ann known as the syndrome tn wowfags, this
disease covers ynn! whale body with hair, not a int
peaple have it (abnett so warld wide). It escpecially covers
the face, its as if god made it tn piss In Ml. [mean he Could
have pat it in our armpits tn act more armey bat units M
ynn! face (I am atheist Em).
5. Progeria sydrome
Apparently, these peaple grew tn fast and have
Werner ? They [wk more like pom
proportioned midgets tn me (yes inn evil). This infact is
the Werner sydrome, it is when mi grow way tn fast
and by the age _ "HI may have the appearance a
up year ... midget like in the pictire above. It
activat _ sacks pretty bad because not noly " mi Lurk
Md. Ira are on: and these peaple nanan _
the age tops.
4. "Goodlooking" Syndrome
pimped a little wheni saw this man. He has "mp
Looking" syndrome. “hat happens is that he starts tn
develop mop like warts growing out M his limbs. By the age
M 15. an years after it started growing} his hands and legs
ended hp like in the pictire above.
3. Cushing Syndrome
aiming syndrome, Like shawn in the pictire makes mi
gain weight really fast. The person in the pictire gained 8
kilns per month m for (eh British). I really
dnight that that happened because she muck out M her
house tn eat in mcdonalds.
Lion Face Syndrome
This man, Japan' s sex symbal in 2005, any kidding, I really
have a creel sense M human!) has Linn face syndrome.
Literally his face starts tn swell and by the time it was hilly
normed. He ' t see anything. He can talk and breath
thoiugh so its pretty much like being blind and linking like a
lion. m stapping here because i don' t really want tn add any
more creel jokes about this guy, I mean Mk, he [mks like a
freindly guy tn be (minds with!
1. Beiber Fever
mine making this camp i ' t bare linking at this attrocity bat
here we go. The worlds warst disease is Beiber fever. It consists M a
high fever, ynn! penis falling Ml and sexual attraction tn (h _ thing.
Thanks for reading. Here is a quick
reminder, to not worry, this **** will
not happen to you, its as common as
an alien picking up a cow and on its
way back its gravity thingy fails and
drops the cow on your head.
If you Liked this please leave a
suggestion in the comments what
other thing i could do. Noaw K
thnx bai
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User avatar #34 - FJHippieChick (02/04/2011) [+] (1 reply)
the beiber **** is getting old. its bad music. every generation has it. deal with it and quit your bitching.
#68 - DancingOddish (02/04/2011) [+] (1 reply)
Leave the Bieber **** out of these things, please -___-' it's ******* annoying.
#11 - longrodvonhugendon (02/03/2011) [-]
most of these are genetic and wont matter except to red necks...
most of these are genetic and wont matter except to red necks...
#23 - CrankyKong ONLINE (02/04/2011) [-]
I have the cure for the last one!
I have the cure for the last one!
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If he was talking about our currency he would say pounds sterling.
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Scariest murderers or something could be cool, or mythical creatures.
User avatar #5 to #3 - xxDanvelxx ONLINE (02/03/2011) [-]
i will make scariest murders then
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And **** that **** . Out of all tese diseases, I would prefer bieber fever.

I mean, c'mon, common sense. Or would you prefer mop feet?
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User avatar #52 - Moushi (02/04/2011) [+] (4 replies)
being retarded is not referring to only people with down syndrome. It is referring to any developmental deformities or problems whether they are mental, social, or physical. Also, I just wish that you would give the facts, making fun of people with deformities is kind of a low blow and just makes you seem like an ass <.<
-is prepared for thumbs down-
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lol Tsim ****** when I saw progeria.
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you made me watch that thing. now im terrified for my life
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Thumb up for the bieber joke :P
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Another Bieber joke. Surprising :/

Anyway, I'm shocked at the lack of "Furries want the human wold syndrome" comments
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