How to make a cool original Facebook pic. EDIT: Holy haha thanks guys. My highest thumbed picture yet! Jesus will you guys shut the up about my hair. IT'S. JUST facebook profile pic dima
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How to make a cool original Facebook pic

How to make a cool original Facebook pic. EDIT: Holy haha thanks guys. My highest thumbed picture yet! Jesus will you guys shut the up about my hair. IT'S. JUST

EDIT: Holy **** haha thanks guys. My highest thumbed picture yet!

Jesus will you guys shut the **** up about my hair. IT'S. JUST. HAIR.
Be sure to send me a friend request!!!!!!
My first upload in awhile. Tell me what you think if you liked it and my sarcastic humor and want more, post a comment giving me a topic to make fun of. If you hate it, let me know as well.
Thumbs where needed.
And yes I realize the typo in the titles...

How to make be original
like all your friends
and make a good
Facebook profile pic
With your guide, Dima
l. A cellphone with a camera
2. Photoshop (or a similar software)
3. Your beautiful self
First off, what you' re gonna
wanna do is take a picture
of yourself in the mirror.
This is important.
Like so:
VIC related, It' s me
I. Don' t smile. Look as serious
as possible so people KNOW
you mean business in your
profile pic.
2. Take it with your phone.
Using a regular camera simply won' t do.
Ifyou don' t havea phone then society
doesn' t accept you.
Get lost, weirdo.
m we you)
3. Don' t use the timer feature.
You have to hold the phone.
It' s a requirement.
After all, you' re not a dumbass.
4. If you' re a girl, break into
a weird pose with your eyes
closed and your lips out
Next, you' re gonna wanna
add a black and white
filter on the picture.
Everyone does this, so you should
too because it' s good to express
your originality like everyone else.
In this next step, you' re free for a few
extra options.
Dump as many effects as possible.
In photoshop, they' re under
Choose any filter you want.
Hint: You can pick more than one!
You' re gonna make everyone
think you' re trendy and artistic!
Finish? Great! See how original
your future profile pic looks now?
Your pic should look a little
something like this:
Final step (OPTIONAL)
Put in a quote.
Probably something that has
to do with love or something
equally irrelevant to the picture.
This above all: To thine own self be true."
illium Shakespeare (Hamlet)
Insanity is doing the same thing over
and over again and expecting a
different result."
Albert Einstein
Obstacles are things a person sees
when he takes his eyes off his goal."
t Joseph Bossman
The more irrelevant the better.
However, in this case, we' ll go with love
as it' s what most people do, thus
making it more trendy and original.
Love is tile only disease
trial nices' better. ,, _
Song lyrics also work in this case!
Nice job! You' re on your way
to being one of the few truly
original people, just like everyone
you know!
Here' s a few final tips to leave you off!
l. Ifyou have a tattoo, show it!
Tattoos are also cool and original
since everyone is getting them
2. When you post it on Facebook,
Like" it! Trust, me, it won' t make
you look stupid and people don' t
laugh at you when you like your
own pictures and statuses.
Trust me.
You' re not because you' re
the only person out of 500 friends
to like it.
You know who you are.)
3. ffyou' re a girl (or a guy who thinks
he' s a girl) put flowers, hearts, stars,
and obscure and
irrelevant symbols all over the pic!
4. Also for girls only. ffyou' re a girl
and nobody likes the pic (God forbid),
in the description box for it, simply put
OMG I' m so fat and ugly, everyone
give me attention please!!'' and your
problem will be fixed!
Hope you enjoyed.
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Something tells me that you just gave birth to a glorious new generation of Facebook retards...
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Am I doing it right?

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but if everyone does this....

then it won't be original.
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What's facebook? I have a Myspace!
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What's Facebook?
What's Facebook?
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ah, good ol sarcasm just made my day
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I thought he was Justin Beiber!
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