funny sex laws!. +50 for more and i will know if not. rm: rim. mman may nix: an Mimi»; hunk law: -new having Banal with a lamb, it is A spartak in in an its Aes
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funny sex laws!

+50 for more and i will know if not

rm: rim. mman may
nix: an Mimi»; hunk law: -new
having Banal with a lamb, it
is A spartak in in an its Aestur
In Hang Kan]. n b. traed with It may
III In an In " husband,
but in In In an hands.
III. husband‘: Iowan an the mu hand,
riding in within the um
ths gt Human. Utah, ' the
Ind "hr nun. is In in pub-
Fileld in an but . r,- Th: nun
his nan: mm
nadir» on [is lunch In Iguana
minium mm kw
In . It is mail for any man
to have mini with n iv:
fish. in ex for woman.)
muslims In humid from mum n
In path of I Corpse. This also my
an hand must be mm with n
brick or pic at wean»
The pushy For in meanss-
In Lebanon, Inna In legally III In
haw " with animals, but an mink
win. a Mali in In is punishers by
any in swing, .script
insues, in public or mud Jie
play, shows or chobits drizzling
mm vmml In my lab-
bying -Hem.)
In Bahrain, 1 ins. incur may may
cumin I woman’: janiels. but is for-
bidden horn looking dimity at man
during an .. an my any In
mar rif( In I mirar.
only in axial activity wit an
lights on.
in mm;
It is illgal for any mlaatr of an
mam to minutt main
buthrt. waxing . punk . whil-
thre . in simian.
m Minna. Fifth. WI Indiana. that
Naw wk. om. magma. organ.
South Dakota. Immune. than Vermont.
In. an ant-
thm i rean' stf
An ordinance an wank, Volyymi
ham awn from having
six mail. staring amid. n semis
walkign man in.
In streets in Sim: an Smith nigh,
we mum is mind In inn twin
buds. And the has must always In a
minimum of Mo fut apart when a
want. mm! a min hr any one aim.
human an buds!
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Submitted: 01/31/2011
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#7 - SPEK (01/31/2011) [+] (1 reply)
#8, what? that doesnt make any sense
User avatar #12 - Nochediablo (02/01/2011) [-]
You just know #13 is only a law because someone has done it before.
User avatar #1 - crazyalan (01/31/2011) [+] (3 replies)
8- so basically, it's illegal to have sex in washington?
20- what about in front of the beds?
User avatar #15 - sonicg (02/01/2011) [-]
14. Glad I live in Colorado
User avatar #14 - PIPExDAD ONLINE (02/01/2011) [-]
number 20 have sex on the floor in front of the beds
#13 - anotherorphan **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#9 - wowplyer (01/31/2011) [-]
Is what i was thinking of
User avatar #6 - ConvictJ (01/31/2011) [-]
most of these are laws which don't mean anything anymore and were forgotten to be removed. otherwise a ton of people in washington would be arrested ;)
#4 - Jacques Strap (01/31/2011) [-]
People in Indonesia
#3 - nsfwdavid has deleted their comment [-]
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