Stop stealing our shit, failbook.. Seriously, the thumbs are still there.. iri' tiel o. ' ebook While grading essays, I came across the following. Twill only wr
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Stop stealing our shit, failbook.

Seriously, the thumbs are still there.

iri' tiel
o. ' ebook While grading essays, I came across the following. Twill only
write the first 3 sentences exactly as it is written:
To kill a Mockingbird By Harper Lee. A Time To kill Produced By John .
Ex: T. R. didn' t do nothin but work on the farm and help other people but make
music for us so don' t kill them."
My response: " at?"
I I it Cook From a student:
I missed havethe school year last year. Ido what Iwant. My mom would come
in and ask me f Iwant to go to school. I' d say no and we would both turn off
our alarms and go back to bed."
y. rir." itr.:. Cook This will be my fine/ update with school situations, because I do
not feel anything can top this:
Scalled a parent after school about their child being a disruption in class. The
Can you teachers stop calling about my son and just take care of him while he
is there. When he is at school he is your responsibility, not mine."
So sad. Honestly almost made me cry.
I-' Cook Happy Friday! Comment of the Daytime:
After looking through some of the projects my students were working on, I said,
Let' s be sure we capitalize the beginning of our sentences. And your name for
that matter..."
Response: "You never told us we had to do that!!!"
That coming from the student who was suspended for shaking peoples' hands
with a thumb tack in his hand...
funk Comment of the day for ll/ IO. The sophomore girl standing '.o.'
behind my podium says, "This space back here is small. I could hide my 2 year
old son back here and no one would know he is here. Better than haying my
mom watch him."
frycook Comment ofthe day, and it is only B: ... From a parent, " Why
do my boy hare to read all them books when nones of them can write a
complete sentences."
343 'i: Just had a student ask how is reading going to benefit
halibuts. Starr,
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Submitted: 01/30/2011
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i smell burnt retoast...
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