Nazis in Minecraft. go see this. not mine but pretty funny<br /> update: i was only exp Nazi Minecraft

Nazis in Minecraft go see this. not mine but pretty funny<br />
*update: i was only expecting like maybe 2 thumbs but 21 is really good for me, thanks fjers,<br />
*update 2: So after my last update i wasn't expeting more than maybe 40 but wow this is great guys thanks for getting me to level 6. If you want more Minecraftbuildings and stuff just tell me. And i still have hope in you FJ, OC on the front page makes me proud<br />
update 3: Some of you did not realise that this is the &amp;quot;Classic&amp;quot; version of the game, i will hopefully be getting the full version soon to be able to post better comics like this one.

Wow, what a good deal i got on Kinda dark in here I' ll go make some
this castle. The previous owner' s daylights...
shaved head kinda creased me out
That' s odd, after the first layer of 'GASP' a swastika pattern, Let me
Mick, it reveals some odd looking get a closer look...
Walls’ Whoah I leaned too far, TOO " seems my Candi" g has made some
FAR sand go away revealing a white
tile let' s clear some more of this
an an
That' s odd, let' s clear some more wow. a Nazi Flag
an an
Must have been a nazi meeting
piace... mmt what is that?
Drugs? Well it looks like it goes
deeper still...
A Library This can only mean one thing...
To please people who did not 'ind this the least bit funny
Here is a cookie
I just tested it for you, that' s all
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