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Trolls trolling trolls

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we chm union we ended. v
land: we Eyre new
Welcome to chat.
A missionary will be with you shortly.
Me: hello?
Agent [Jon] is ready to assist you.
Jon: Hr new can l help you?
Jon l' m genuinely curious now do you guys know to ask the
same questons?
Jon: because l mean for weeks We been asked wan and l was
ms like an organization, er you send around
emails, thewhat?
Jon: help me understand?
End Clear Send
C) Ttc on marine? Chat [ 42. 13 as
Lance reas raised Mormon but ye studied and prayed my
whole Ire, and God has revealed to we church rs true
Me: ls we religion worldwide or focused rar America?
Lance: were are actually more members outside ewe states
then Inside
Me: on wow. l never knew that
M .gnar are the between and
the other religions?
Lance: Well we believe God loves us as much as he loved
people rar the past, soviet He still sends prophets relearn us
what rs true
Me: Hum. where dd Mormonism originate?
Lance: rar New York
Lance: rar rm God appeared to a boy named Joseph sum
and called nern to be a prophet
Me: interesting, l have one last question and then l must be
Me: How do magnets work?
Lance: Reall P? All ms unto end with strolls
End Clear Send
mm // we Wu edu/ chat/ Chat aspx? Lissa_ l
Me: is it true that I can' t say the four letter word 3
thats starts with an s that means excrement?
Nate: is this a french word you' re talking about?
Me: No it' s an english word
Nate: Because semen is flr/ e letters.
M do you know what excrement means?
The chat session has ended.
End Close
In chm.
A in unwary w I be will! you shortly.
Agent [Dan] is ready In assist yen.
Dan Hello, how can l help you'?
have a question
Dan okay, go ahead!
Are you never gonna give me up?
Yes l am And let you down rar about in seconds
session has ended.
End close
Magnets are made wee or manuals. causing opposing
but lesser volition in atoms and \ s censure (lichen
In we same in neighboring atoms Bacause dime urinary. we
ermine misuse charge one a large were (cubic micrometers) omen
Mums is nut zero (as re we use mth c creates a
magnetic feld (Malina crime magnetic fell Most are
new manuals by tgault because on err mm we suit (calm: or reread:
we atoms do vim perm In we same Decals: they wow orgasmed
iron: rims at we sane lime Sowhat a grange Mich themselves
err have In diam sore, but together point In (artporn d minus and have
we sum However, by merino we magnetic material and allowing t in set we m we
presence on magnetic new mll cause we In farm mth an ensuing or
sph, hus crusing a lisle, and (true a puma: ml warn»
Michelle: Ant ' questons?
M why the ruler gets me new
were here to teach the anon or Jesus midi and
can new you in your we
Michelle; Kym: mam in that, wen we done hare in Mar you
Michelle Sony
But re learn were on the weenie
hie: wan
Arum Ihas locum chin.
me; Severus new
End I close
Me: nope we are very happy
Bryan: That' s nor my I' m here I wouldnt want you to join
because of something I did
my ah but you can convince me to listen to what you have to
say. so If you do something really interesting then I will listen to
what you have to say and MAYBE convert to mormonism
Bryan: Alright let' s talk about the Plan or Salvation
Me; AH do something interesting first then we shall discuss
the plan or salvation
Bryan: It' s interesting
Mo: mm but really, do something
Bryan: A
Bryan A
Bryan: Hamm
Bryan A
Bryan A A
Bryan: How bout them apples’
we you made the . I shall listen to what you
haven: say
End Clear Send
5 Chat e more Chrome a El
C) mt: on aim enema.
Welcome to chat.
A m onery w be with you shortly.
Agent [seen] is ready to assist you.
Seth: Thank you hr trolling through lam here to help those who
sincerely wanna learn about no you feel you have a
genuine question to ask me?
Me: on the Irony
End Clear Send
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