Stealing A Grill. Here's another one for you guys.<br /> As usual, all credit goes to <br /> Also, feel free to check out the
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Stealing A Grill

Here's another one for you guys.<br />
As usual, all credit goes to <br />
Also, feel free to check out the Shock Site mentioned up there!<br />
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Tree Removal Barter
Chisinau ad:
landscapes in turn for a good grille if u need any kind of landscape work
I saw your ad looking for a grill in exchange for your landscaping skills. Do you
do tree removal? If so, there is a very expensive grill in it for you.
From josh - to Me:
ye s
WWW. Gardenerplants. com
A Horrible Shock Site -
Great.? 'Ehere is a we tree that has been bothering me and I want it cut down.
You won' t have to remove it. It hasn' t been a problem until about two years ago
when it got much taller. My problem with it is that it is obscuring the view to my
neighbor' s upstairs bathroom window. I used to have a perfect view of the
neighbor' s wife changing in the bathroom every day. She had great tits and an ass
that was out of this world. It really completed my morning whenever I caught a
glimpse of her. Now that this damn pine tree is in the way, I can' t see a thing.
If you could go onto my neighbor' s property and cut the tree down while they
are at work, I will let you take the grill that is outside on their patio. I' m not sure
what brand it is, but it is a gigantic propane grill. It looks really nice.
If they ask about it, I will tell them that a huge storm happened while they were
at work, and the wind blew the tree over and blew the grill away. Meanwhile you
will be enjoying a delicious salisbury steak from your new grill, and I wil be
enjoying my neighbor' s hot wife as the steps into the shower.
They usually leave for work around 7: 30 AM during the week, and come back
home around PM. If you could have it done before they get back on
Monday, that would be great.
From josh - to Me:
wat the **** r u smoking dude? so i cut down m neigbors tree and u let me steal
his grille. what a grate deal ass hole. how bout i just take the grille and dont cut
down the tree u ****
You don' t know where his house is, so how are you going to steal the grill? I
think my information in exchange for your services is a fair trade. I' ll even let you
come over for a few beers afterward, and we can watch the wife in the
bathroom from my bedroom window.
From josh - to Me:
i dont want a stolen grille i want a real grille u retard wat **** is m problem.
and i dont give a **** bout naked neigbor u melon perv
I assure you that this grill is real. By cutting down the tree, you are earning the
grill and it will not be stolen. Also, if seeing a naked woman isn' t your thing, you
could probably catch the husband changing in the bathroom as wel I won' t be
watching, but I' m not one to judge your lifestyle.
From josh - to Me:
m the fagot u dick sucking **** fag cock sucker." eat a melon dick u piece of
shim ll
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Submitted: 01/26/2011
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You stole that form [url deleted]
User avatar #2 - illegalartist (01/26/2011) [-]
job still available?
User avatar #1 - illegalartist (01/26/2011) [-]
hahahaha that was good
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