HILARIOUS HOLIDAYS. From the Church Of The SubGenius, founded by J.R. "BOB" Dobbs<br /> All hail almighty Bob<br /> and mark your  my favorite holiday is Feast of Saint weird al yankovic
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From the Church Of The SubGenius, founded by J.R. &quot;BOB&quot; Dobbs<br />
All hail almighty Bob<br />
and mark your favorite feasts on your calendar

January 16 - The Night er the Lemur
January 24 - The Feast St.
February 16 - Cremation /
February as - The Feast at St. Monty Python
March S - The Feast Weird Al Yanko) vic
March 17 - The Feast at the Blessed Leprechaun
March as - F' artistry Sunday
April 1 - The Feast Saint Eris
April 13 - Saint Bill Hicks Day
April 15 - The Feast Saint Dracula
May a - The Feast at Saint Guinness the Stout
May 31 - Desecration Day
June 1 - Yell "Fudge" at North American Day
June 22 - The Feast Saint Hall
July 16 - The Display at the Embarrassing Swimsuits
July 17 - The Feast Saint Caligula
August 1 - Drug Day
August a - The Dance at the Insensitive Bastards
September 1 - Start at the Holy Month at ""
September s - Caesarean Section Day
September an - Yummy Fibbers Day
Dabber 2 - All Esquires Day
Dabber El - The Feast Saint Attila
Dabber an - The Feast at Saint humanize
The Feast Saint Cthulhu
November 19 - Hate ) rthe Sake at Hating Day
December a - The Martyrdom at Saint Kenny
December 14 - whiny Victimization/ Day
December 31 - The Feast at Saint Lucifer
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User avatar #9 - fakenamebob (02/05/2010) [-]
**** yeah St Bill Hicks Day!!!!
#8 - anonymous (01/16/2010) [-]

uh....what exactly should be happening?
User avatar #7 - luakazuki (01/15/2010) [-]
Haha dracula ^^
#6 - soviergn (01/15/2010) [-]
me likes me likes alot.
User avatar #4 - HarryMasonIsDaMan (01/15/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Yarr, it be funny. What do yee scurvy dogs think of this "pirate day"? I be likin' it, yarr.
User avatar #3 - Vegeto (01/15/2010) [-]
I guess we know why people die on august 1st. Im so doing North American Cobra day. FUDGE!!!
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