My life as Pikachu. My life as a pikachu. ti) (:)rngg Talk to stranger's Yota. Pikachoo I choose you! Stranger: 'Pikachu You: nazi rat Stranger: you cant sheet  funny sexy Pokemon Awesome

My life as Pikachu

My life as a pikachu

ti) (:)rngg Talk to stranger's
Yota. Pikachoo I choose you!
Stranger: 'Pikachu
You: nazi rat
Stranger: you cant sheet lightning out of your cheeks
Yota. J shoot lightning out of my asshole
Stranger: that must make going to the bathroom rather difficult
You: not when you ********
Stranger: l would guess that would be painful, as well.
Yota. dude Pikachu
You: 1 dent feel pain ijust faint
Stranger: youre not Pikachu. You have already disclaimer} that you cannot shoot lightning from your cheeks, and you called Pikachu OUT
an ex Pikachu
You: like when old football players coach middle school games for state championships like in movies
Stranger: Being a Raichu would have very nearly the same qualify cations.
Yota. **** that bitch!
You: Raichu is a where
You: she divorced me ten years age, took the kids, the house, my maney, and married a Magicarp
Stranger: then clearly the judge deem her more sufficient.
Yota. J had developed a small drinking problem to deal with the death of bulbasour, a close friend of mine. Our trainer worked him to death. Sure] hit her ewe er Mite, bull loved her.
You: And 1 knew she was blowing the judge to take the kids.
Stranger: being an abusive husband would lead her to do something ill spirited.
You: Thanl started in on the rare candy-,
Yota. J got caught up in it, began hosteling it en the comers when times were teech- I did what] had to, to put food en the table.
Stranger: l understand, but there were other options. The only thing you can do now is start afresh and put the past behind you
Stranger: and be a father to your children
You: Poor charmander deosnt deserve a wreck like me for a father.
Yota. Ch a where fer a mather-
Stranger: Then get your life tegether fer the sake of your child! How is he suppose to learn to grow into the Charizard he is destined to become if his father is a drunk?
Stranger: once we straighten out, get a stable career
Stranger: maybe we can fight fer sole custody.
Yota. Thanks I think l can get through this now
Stranger is typing...
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