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#211 - anonymous (01/15/2010) [-]
you know...i have respect for you, thank you for posting things and TRYING to make a difference
i know more than half the people on here have the maturity of a gym sock

i realize that typing that paragraph prob took you about 3 minutes and thats 3 minutes out of your life you obviously thought was important.. your only mistake was posting it on here where you must have known it was only going to get replies from degenerates

props to the other answers on here that a respectable
#219 to #211 - anonymous (01/15/2010) [-]
the thing is though, if uhave millions of troops, and not properly trained like most of the british troops are, then wot goood are ure troops
#244 to #219 - anonymous (01/15/2010) [-]
your kidding me right? Are you seriously saying the US military isnt trained?
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