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User avatar #1389 - AFiendishThingy
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(01/22/2011) [-]
stroud just talks about his cameras and bear grylls doesnt have worry about cameras so he has more time to do things........any ways even if bear grylls is with a whole camera crew he still in a isolated place......its like saying if your lost with a camera crew your not lost then
#1415 to #1389 - empathymaniac
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(01/22/2011) [-]
he had to use a ******* flint!!
User avatar #1406 to #1389 - KodiakBear
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(01/22/2011) [-]
the camera crew does not eat all of the same **** grylls dose. they have actual food. otherwise the camera guys do everything grylls does, except with one hand. and like the post said, he stays at hotels (which means he knows exactly where he is) and most everything he makes is already made, just has to be put together for show. anything else?