I miss you 90's, bc of u i know,. Not OP but this is to epic to not share.. WE. ARE. EPIC. ninetys kids kick ASS
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Repost. Saw this a bit ago on the front page
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ok now, im a 90's kid. i love the 90's and most of the **** nowadays ***** with those memories. but im so ******* sick of seeing these comps.
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no, mystic spiral is the greatest band evar.
#3 - anonymous (01/18/2011) [-]
dude.... **** yea! never realized how awesome we were....also, does anyone remember that awesome gum that came in strawberry, watermelon, and grape? it had a multicolored tin box. with a flip open lid...that stuff was awesome...anywho, thumb for you! :D
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